Finnish food display - Pork stake strips

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This food is a common here in Finland, it is a easy to make and a delicious. It is quite a famous meal too, especially when its done with food cream.


Ingredients used:

  • Food cream
  • Pork strips
  • Potatoes
  • Spices ( Grill sauce )
  • Salad package
  • Onions

First of all we prepared some potatoes with this meal. Cooking the pork strips at the same time.

Pork stake strips are already cooked.

Whola, this is the ready meal, looks delicious! Milk is a common drink here in Finland to serve with the main dish.

These Ingredients are needed to prepare a finnish style Pork stake strips.

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Suomalaista ruokaa perkele :)!

Erittäin hyvä idea!
Mämmiä seuraavaksi?

Kiitos kommentista. Who knows :) Se ois helppo ainakin.

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