Mix of Vegetables in Dicipline

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Today I prepared a dish, I go to Market and buy that vegetables which are rejected by the customers, My friends even ask me why are buying that vegetables which are not as per the standard of eating.. But I remain silent, after buying I keep all the vegetables in water for 2 hours, this makes them fresh, as we see the vegetable vendor usually shower the water on vegetables 1 or 2 times in a hour, So I use the same trick.40143870_1658068627634778_3060659047351975936_n.jpg

Then I cut all the vegetable including Cucumber, Carrot, Onion, Mint and Lemon in a distinguish style, arrange them all in a way I can, enveloped all and freeze them for half an hour, Salad was ready to serve. I make a small flower in a way I can from tomato’s skin, hope you all like it as well as my presentation of salad, Then I serve to my friends, they all shocked, and amazed. They appreciate my struggle and effort about it.40219598_389477761585639_1717381594299236352_n.jpg

Then I ask them “That Everything has beauty and its expresses’ in it own way, we should have to find the internal and hidden charm, and I have cut all the vegetables in a different way, but together they all looking splendid Similarly we all are different from each other but If we are together we have strength, Power, Confidence and most important the Happiness………..


such a creative and beauty of design i like it very much, i like to made at home

Such a creative salad

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A real salad in discipline...

Nice beautiful salad design

Amazing article, @farhan06. I hope to read more from you so I just followed you. I am a big fan of raw food and I found most of the things I know through these 5 movies. Have you heard about them or watched them?

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