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Hello my friends❤️

I will teach you how to make cumin rice with peas, which is an energetic and suitable food for losing weight.

You can eat this delicious food with chicken, fish & mea. which is cooked with the ingredients of white rice, cumin seeds, salt, peas, dried dill, is very nutritious and is prepared in a short time of about 40 minutes. 👨‍🍳🍚👌

Hope to be useful to you and use it.



white rice1 cup
cumin seeds1 tablespoon
salt1 tablespoon
peas1 cup
dried dill1 cup

How to cook:

First, add a cup of rice to the boiling water and add salt and cumin. After a few minutes, add the peas and dill and mix well until the water boils completely.



Then empty the pot completely and while it is still on the gas flame, pour oil on the bottom and completely cover it with pieces of bread._



Finally, we return the rice and peas that we cooked in the previous step to the pot and close the lid of the pot and wait for it to be ready.



Our food is ready and you enjoy eating it. Also, if you have experience in preparing cumin pilaf with peas, you can share it with us along with a photo of the prepared food in the comments section of this page!

Be careful of yourself and your kindness.

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