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RE: What I Learned About Eating Paleo from the Steemit Culinary Challenge - Another Winter Weed Salad - 15 wild plants - with foraging ID quiz

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@haphazard-hstead very good post! So you should throw your balsamic poison I mean vinegar :D

As for soy sauce, it has something to do with soya - so many GMO these days. Unless its fermented - it would kill you later on. So I'd rather stick to salt and normal vegetable or meat flavor - they already have their own tastes but the additives destroy so many people's taste buds so unless there's too much of the taste - they always say - it's blanch. Most of the time it's not - they probably have been eating synthetic food - it tweaked their taste buds.

I wish we could also read labels of ingredients of the food we eat in a resto eh?

I also learned a great lot from last week. Btw, not all Enumbers are synthetic - only those that are marked orange and red. Im near going to bed when I saw your reply.