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I have been putting off writing this, who wants to be another nut case on the net, LOL. But I ran across some folks a while back who were talking about climate, and not global warming. Never did warm up to much to Al Gore, you don't get that close to being President by being an honest broker. Anyway, these guys were talking about a thing called a Grand Solar Minimum. This is a time when the sun goes quiet, and weather goes up, down and sideways, but always getting cooler as it progresses. It actually goes on for years, not a simple flash in the pan.
John L Casey a fellow who worked for NASA has written extensively on the subject. As well there is a YouTube page, Adapt 2030 where a fellow Named Dave has been putting updates and interviews out for a few years. This global cooling is already under way, it will be a real problem for crops. Those of us who rely on the food we grow cant afford to ignore any serious warnings. It doesn't have to be believed, but looking into it seemed prudent. These people don't strike me as to off the wall. So this is my first post, other than my intro post. I'm a 64 year old out of work oil field hand, living on my homestead, not to prone to foolishness. If you depend on your own hard work to survive I humbly suggest you at least look into this. Steem On. TTFN

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