dTube INTERVIEW: @allasyummyfood talks crypto, blogging, Steemit, more!

in #food6 years ago

I interviewed Alla from @allasyummyfood today

Topics discussed include:

  • Her start on the Steem blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Recent STEEM and SBD declines
  • Her approach to blogging
  • Much more

Who should I interview next? Let me know in the comments!

▶️ DTube

It was great talking to you! Thanks for your time and I’m glad we were finally able to have a chat! :)

Thank you @allasyummyfood! You are doing a great job! Awesome to see you in this interview. We need more people like you on this blockchain! Much Love and success! 🙏❤️

My pleasure, great to meet you and I really appreciate you doing the interview!

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Thank You! ⚜

He is a shit.

Oh my @allasyummyfood It is great reading about your strides first-hand here.

Kudos to @davidpakman You really know who to bring onboard!

Great talk alla, awesome that u mentioned #promo-steem here as well. Regards to the London Crypto Currency Show on 14th April, alongside you esteem, @utopian-io, @steempress, imageconomy, #promo-steem, @steem-ambassador and @stach will be talking!! (Users giving talks from these projects include: @elear, @dunsky, @fredrikaa, @liotap, @ejemai, @anarcotech, @starkerz and @stephenkendal. The event is being filmed by @mynewlife, @rod.crisafulli and @ashtv! Going to be a great event, exposing the steem block chain to investors in London!!

I am one of the youtubers that @allasyummyfood brought to Steemit. Interesting interview. I am enjoying my time on Steemit. It is a little slow going and looking forward to Steemit making some positive changes for the newbies. I have made a lot of friends here! Great interview.

that's so great, thanks for commenting here!

Aww thanks! So glad you are here and you are a good example!!

@davidpakman you mentioned about how much of your rewards is coming from how many people. You can check here:


ah, very useful info! Thank you for posting.

May be @sweetsssj is the next person on your interview table. About traveling? This is my opinion.

that would be super interesting! Do you know if she regularly does interviews?

Lol @ all the foodie porn people posting to Instagram and Facebook for free, while these people make phat crypto stacks doing the same thing on Steemit.

interview the successful people in steemit, to be an inspiration to all steemit followers who want to succeed. Thank you @davitpakman.

What is the future of the steemit.com.I think this will be one of the question you should ask to her.

Awesome interview David and @allasyummyfood - Funny you mentioned the adult industry. There is a full on project on the way. :)

hahahh is it yours? :P

I wish :) It's going to be a HUGE success on this platform :)

Dtube is the future!

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Your amazing postings I see, read, enjoy and innovative, can add knowledge, thanks for sharing.

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