The best Gordón Blue. Cooking Recipe # 2.

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Cordón Blue de Pollo en Salsa de Vino Blanco.

Hello people from Steemit! Today I bring you an amazing recipe that will leave everyone wanting to make it, it is a CORD BLUE, a preparation originally from France, with a somewhat peculiar history, since its name translated into Spanish means "Blue Ribbon", a term created in the sixteenth century in the mandate of Henry III which gives this distinction to the French cavalry, from this begins to take popularity the term Cord Blue and moves to the cuisine; the most distinguished chefs of royalty were given a Blue Ribbon which they proudly wore over their Filipino uniform.
Initially the recipe consisted of a very thin veal stuffed with ham, because its preparation was becoming very popular chefs of the time were making variants of the same adding different cheeses including Gruyere. Currently there are endless variations to prepare an exquisite Gordon Blue, reaching the point of replacing the beef with chicken breast, making it stand as the most popular variants among all. I'm sure you did not know this little story, so I decided to bring you this great recipe.


    • 200 gr. Chicken breast.

    • 30 gr. Leg ham.

    • 30 gr. Of cheese of your preference, I recommend a Swiss cheese.

    • 1 Egg.

    • 50 gr. of wheat flour.

    • 50 gr.of breadcrumbs.

    • Oil for frying.

    • Salt and pepper.

    • White wine sauce.

For the white wine sauce you need:

    • 1 White wine glass.

    • 200 cc bird background.

    • 50 gr. of milk cream.

    • 30 gr. of white rux (butter with flour used to thicken sauces).

    • 1 Bay leaf.

    • 10 gr. of onion in brunoise.

    • 10 gr. of butter.


White wine sauce:

    1- In a pan add the butter and sauté the onion and let it crystallize.
    2- Add the wine to the pan and let it reduce.
    3- Add the bay and bottom of the bird and let reduce again.
    4- Add the rux little by little until you see the sauce take shape.
    5- Finally add the cream, salt and pepper and remove the sauce from the heat.

Gordón Blue:

    1- Place the breast fillets between 2 plastics and beat it to reduce its thickness to about ½ cm, season with salt and pepper.
    2- Spread the steak and in the middle put the ham and cheese, then take one end and roll it up starting from the widest side.
    3- With the help of some chopsticks, pierce the chicken so that it does not open when it is frying.
    4- Set aside in three bowls the flour, the bread crumbs and the egg, all separately.
    5- Pass the chicken first through the flour, followed by the egg and finish by passing it through the bread crumbs. Reserve in the fridge about 30 minutes.
    6- Heat the oil and fry the chicken until it turns a golden color and then remove it.
    7- At this point the chicken will still be raw so we have to have the oven prepared at about 200 ° C and I have to introduce the Gordon Blue about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the thickness..
    8- Remove from the oven, on a plate put a base of the white wine sauce, then put the chicken and on the crown again with another touch of sauce.
    9- ou are ready to enjoy your Gordón Blue, you can accompany it with a vegetable salad that will add a touch of freshness to your dish.

Remember that in order to present your dishes you must take the time necessary so that all the elements are in the right place, where they visually contribute something different and that in turn encourage how the diner should taste the dish.

If you have any suggestions, or contribution about the recipe of Gordon Blue chicken with wine sauce please leave it in the comments, I hope you have been to your liking, without further dismissal and until the next post.


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Hola Daniel. Qué rico, se me hace agua la boca solo con leer este post. A mí también me gusta la cocina y pronto publicaré algunos post con recetas para preparar deliciosas recetas mexicanas. También te quiero comunicar que ya publiqué mi segundo post. Como te gustó el primero quiero aprovechar este espacio para invitarte a que lo veas. Me imagino que te gustará.

Hola @neyda1975 disculpa no leer antes pero como soy nuevo acabo de descubrir como ver cuando alguien responde. Muchas gracias me agrada que te haya gustado me pasare ahora mismo por tu perfil a ver loa post un abrazo.

¡Muchas gracias amigo!

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