Filipino Favorites at Razon's

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Red and I are not very adventurous when it comes to Food. His tummy is sensitive to lactose and gluten, while I am really just picky. We seldom try out new restaurants, and we constantly dine at the same places. Every once in a while, we venture out to the unknown, and when we're lucky, we find a new favorite. One such place is Razon's located about 5 kilometers from our residence.


This place is located in The Cabanas here in our hometown, Malolos. The Cabanas is like a town center sprawling with business establishments. Years ago, when there wasn't a single mall in Malolos yet, The Cabanas housed the biggest movie house in this quaint city. It was the place to be on weekends, and people flocked the cafes, bars and restos in the whole stretch of what was called a "leisure hub". The palms that lined the street was a nice backdrop to the delicious smell of grilled meat wafting in the air. Upbeat music was blasting from gigantic speakers and kept everyone hyped well into the night.

Things have gotten more serious in this side of the town though. Since the (one and only) mall was opened, less and less people went to The Cabanas. The big movie house was eventually closed down, and only a few restos and cafes remained opened. Government offices started filling the empty spaces, and these days, people who are seen in The Cabanas only mean business.


Red and I found out about Razon's when I needed to file documents for healthcare. The restaurant known for their one-of-a-kind halo-halo was a welcomed sight from the long line that we had to endure to get things in order.

Razon's serve mostly Filipino dishes, and Red got his favorite Pork Sisig, which I wrote about in my post Pork Sisig.


Meanwhile, I had their Fried Boneless Bangus (milkfish). The fish meat is tasty and juicy, and I absolutely love it with the atsara that comes with it.


We also ordered Dinuguan, which has become one of our absolute favorites since. I was never a fan of this dish before but the restaurant's version uses more lean meat that I can enjoy with its spicy soup. It can be served with either puto or rice but I personally prefer to have this with rice.



For our desert, we ordered their famous halo-halo, which is not the usual halo-halo in the Philippines that has mongo, langka or ube. Razon's halo-halo instead is a mix of macapuno, cardava banana, carabao milk and shaved ice, topped with creamy leche flan.


After that "fateful" day, my family and I have frequented the restaurant and it has become our go-to place whenever we felt we needed a break from our daily house routine. Lucy and Sam love the Palabok, another Filipino noodles dish. Razon's top theirs with a tasty shrimp gravy, pork cracklings, and eggs.






First of all, I feel so sorry for the change of this place. I think, it looks really nice place to relax on weekend indeed.

All foods look yummy! I especially like your dish, the Fried Boneless Bangus (milkfish) looks tasty and juicy.... I would love to try your dessert, too! Um! These foods make me feel hungry now! ;)

Desert looks yummy 👅

Wonderful place a food is delicius

Ansasarap palagi ng pagkain nila oooh haha.

wow... Yummy food and a good place to relax! I miss the HALO-HALO!

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