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Is it just me, or do you also find yourself craving for all sorts of food when the weather is cold? I have had a ferocious appetite these past couple of weeks. As the rain was pouring non-stop outside, I was busy in the kitchen, coming up with whatever I could conjure from what I could salvage from our fridge.

And when I get the chance to do the groceries, I find myself imagining what I could cook from the ingredients I see on the shelves. On my most recent trip to the grocery store, I got a bunch of Cardava Bananas.

Cardava Banana3.jpg

It is also known as saging na saba here in the Philippines, and is present in many Filipino snacks and dishes, like the turon, maruya, halo-halo, and pochero. I just tried adding slices of this fruit to my nilagang baboy, and it sure made a lot of delicious difference.

Cardava Banana.jpg

Yesterday, I opted to simply fry them. It's very easy and straight-forward but it's definitely one of our favorites. Red especially loves them with his brewed coffee, while I prefer mine with ice-cold Coca-Cola (yes, even if it's raining).


Cardava Banana2.jpg

For someone trying to gain some weight, these are precious times. One of the reasons why I went inactive for a month was to do just that. I'm glad the weather is cooperating, and I already gained 4 pounds too. How about you? How are you coping with the rainy season? I hope you keep safe and dry - and full.





Ah! These are very delicious and look healthy!

In Thailand, we also have banana fried like this, but before frying, we mixed the banana with flour….

It’s really good to eat them while it’s raining outside indeed.

Thanks for sharing. ;)

ooh! I think I'd like to try that, my friend. Thank you for sharing that! I'll look for instructions on how to do that and try it very soon. =D

Oh! That'll be great! I think, you'll love it, for sure! ;)

Sarap nyan Ate @dandalion
I like those soft with overripeness.

hahaha! the gif is so funny, Arnold. and yes! the ripe ones are very sweet and is the best for frying. =D

Sarap nman into.. Na try nyo npo ba na muscovado.. Masarap din yung..

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very nice

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