An Authentic Filipino Dining Experience at Digna's Bahay Kubo

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One of the great joys I found here in Steemit is the abundant information that can be found in the platform. From the wonderful process of creating art using clay ceramics, to the magnificent temples that can be found in Thailand. I found them here, and I find great pleasure in sharing knowledge and experiences too, whether it's about how I prepare Filipino dishes or places in the Philippines that I have visited.

On my second month here, I found out about the Culture Vulture Challenge, where I was able to find fascinating posts about other countries' tradition. I found great delight in perusing the links that eroche provided on his weekly updates and soon thereafter, I submitted a couple of entries myself.

One of my posts was about the Philippine's Lechon, and in that post, I expressed how this dish seems to mark a grand celebration in the Philippines. It has always been present in big occasions like weddings and festivals. I grew up having Lechon on birthdays with significant numbers on them like the 1st, the 7th, and the 18th.


But it's been a while since I've had Lechon. Red and I are not big in parties, and we keep our celebrations simple. I can't even remember the last time I had tasted this Filipino delicacy, until last week when Red and I decided to try one of the few Lechon Huts here in Malolos.


We pass by Digna's Bahay Kubo At Lechonan often and we've heard one of Red's relative rave about the place, so last Tuesday, we finally decided to eat lunch there after running errands the whole morning.

The place is huge, with a sprawling parking lot that's made pretty with the greenery present in each corner.


I found the interior pleasantly roomy, with its high ceiling and wide open windows. The dark wooden furniture were sturdy, and reminded me very much of my grandparents' old house.


We ordered half a pound of Lechon and their seafood Chop Suey, which we enjoyed with rice and ice-cold drinks. The skin of the Lechon was crispy and came with a dip that made it even more delicious. The Chop Suey had crispy vegetables accompanied with a divine sauce and a generous amount of squid, shrimp, and crabs.



The food was great, the price is just right, and the ambiance of the place made the whole experience delightful. I plan to prepare Lechong Paksiw soon so I know I'll be back to buy more Lechon from them and maybe get to try other Filipino dishes that are available there, just like this Tinolang Tilapia which I'm very curious about.


Photos are mine, taken using a Samsung S7 Edge camera phone





First of all, thanks so much for mentioning that “magnificent temples can be found in Thailand”. I much appreciate it!

I also love to see the wonderful places and delicious foods in the Philippines that you shared and other things that other people (friends) shared here in Steemit.

Yeah! I absolutely agree with you, “Steemit is the abundant information that can be found in the platform”. No doubt, it’s really great…., right?

Regarding this place in your post, I do really love to visit this place by myself because of the greenery at the parking lot (as you know me), the interior design and the dishes which look yummy. Thanks for sharing! ;)

Awww. You are very much welcome, my friend! And thank you for being a source of inspiration too. I started posting about Filipino food and places here in the Philippines because I got inspired with the way you talk about your beautiful country, Thailand. Much love from the Philippines!

It’s my great pleasure! I always feel happy when knowing that you considered me as your inspiration. You did really great jobs in presenting delicious foods and beautiful places in the Philippines to us.

I look forward to reading your articles of the amazing things in your wonderful country with much interest. ;)

Looks like a delicious feast! The ceiling in the restaurant is beautiful with its woven matts and wood beams.

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