Vitamix Blender Post #1

in #food6 years ago

I've been wanting to purchase a Vitamix Blender for a long time but hesitated to make the investment. It's got a 7 year warranty which makes me feel better about my purchase. This blender will get a lot of use from my family. My kids eat all day long and I like to feed them healthy, nutrient dense food. I am hoping to blend meals for myself, as I am trying to cut back a little and blend snacks for my kids. I look forward to sharing my smoothie and soup recipes. I will start out pretty basic with my ingredients and then try to develop my ingredient lists as I get more creative. I've been inspired by all the healthy green smoothies posted on steemit!


  • Orange Juice
  • Frozen Blueberries
  • Frozen Cherries
  • Banana

Next in my series: Home-made potato leek soup


Very nice! I use a ninja bullet myself, love making smoothies.

It’s been a great machine so far!

If you only told me earlier. I found a factory where they make them (or at least very similar ones, left one in pic)... though the can is slightly different, everything else is the same at half or one-third the price... too late now :( Enjoy the blender and looking forward to seeing what more comes out of it. A decent blender is the best kitchen investment!

Wow! I made soup, haven't posted it yet but it was easy and tasted so good! Thanks for reading!

Looks Great @cookit! Looking forward to the future recipes as well!

Haha I had to back to this recipe because it was so good, thanks for sharing it @cookit!!

Thanks for reading!

Haha I had to come back to this recipe because it was so good, thanks for sharing it @cookit!

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food is very good friend @cookit, wish i tasted it.

I can tell you, every smoothie so far has been awesome!

wow I bet, that's a pretty fantastic blender!

thank you very much I will always follow you.

I love your post Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will try to do it. I'm following you, I invite you to follow me.

Thank you for reading, I will check out your posts.

hmm so will I, love this recipe!

Googly eyed We have been planning to shift from regular food to salads n smoothies.. we also have been looking at vitamin blender, but not sure if it’s worth the investment.. have a regular blender n it works very well.. so kinda confused.. but I look forward to more recipes 🤩

Thanks For sharing this with us.
Hey @cookit I am new on Steemit can you please follow and vote my post.

Nice picture

I love my Vitamix it is very powerful. It blends anything I throw at it. Such power @swt3df1 #vitamix

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