Smokin Hot Hamburgers in a Cast Iron Skillet

in #food6 years ago (edited)

A well-seasoned cast-iron skillet is a great non-stick surface to cook on. This type of skillet is not coated with any synthetic, harmful, materials. Before cooking your burger, get your cast iron skillet smokin hot. Add a little butter. (Butter Burger)

Season your hamburger patties to your liking. Salt and pepper work just fine too.

The meat will brown very evenly and nicely because of how the cast iron distributes and holds it heat.



Making me hungry @cookit! :) Great food post here my friend!

Thank you!

Yummy! I want it now for breakfast 😁

Definitely, a must have for breakfast!

Burger it food my like

the food is very tasty I want to taste it @cookit good luck always my friend.

Thank you for reading!

same as my friends, sorry before I am happy if you want to visit my blog, thanks a lot @cookit.


looks so yummy!

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Keren bg mantap mantap

Thank you!

hmm not sure what that means, but if it means good post then perfect!

I wish she had teeth, she could eat a big yummy burger!

haha that's a good one!

Friend they look great they have good color the meats and I had prepared them well in a pan and I think I like them more so they take a very nice color

Yes, it's almost like grilling outside. It's the best alternative in the winter months.

haha grilling outside is the best!!

Update: I just bought a brand new gas grill, it works super well!

Awwww Burger YuMM yUMM! Can i bite a bit please :P

Of course

haha wish I could jump through the screen as well!

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