Brunch in Denver, CO at HashTAG

in #food6 years ago

Awesome food at Chef Troy Guard and TAG Restaurant Group’s cheery new breakfast joint! Located in Stapleton’s Eastbridge Development, CO

We ordered:
Bread Pudding - French Toast
house butter / fresh challah bread / white chocolate / HT cream / mixed berries

Huevos Rancheros
2 fried eggs / crispy tortilla / refried beans / ranchero salsa / crema

The food was amazing and the atmosphere was so cool. The colors, textures and decor were welcoming and well very well planned out by the designer!

I would highly recommend visiting this restaurant!


That restaurant is very cool and modern, the french toast looks amazing as well! Thanks for sharing!

Wish you could have tried it! Truly amazing 😉

I will have to try it next time I go! Thanks for the suggestion!

Try it out next time you go to Colorado!


I am definitely going to try this place when I visit Colorado next! Thank you for sharing @cookit!

You definitely should check it out!

I checked it myself, it was fantastic, wanted to let you know that!

Your welcome.

Gorgeous and yummy!!!.. I would have ordered huevos rancheros😉

I would order the same every trip! Thanks for reading.

Haha, huevos ranch is pretty good though!

That looks so nice and delicious 😍 check my new posts friend 👍

I will take a look right now! Thanks for reading.

Yeah I'll take a look too, hope it's great!

Love the profile, great work!

Upvote and resteem @cookit

Thank you!

I am very happy when you visit my blog once a friend yes

I will check it out

Me too!

woow food or also a very good restaurant

Both were really great! Thanks for reading.

Thanks for posting this, i went myself and it’s really great!

sama-sama teman, teman bolehkah saya mengikutimu

waw very good food. have a wonderful meal. see your post I immediately want to taste the food. thanks for sharing.

Your welcome, thanks for reading!

Thanks for posting !

both are my friends. I have made some posts if you have a little time please do not forget to visit also yes. best regards

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Did you check out this breakfast place when you visited Denver?

I did check that out actually! I loved it, thanks for the rec!

I found this new place called “for Thai” it’s really good and I highly recommend it for your next visit to Denver

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