Beer and Dinner Pairing

in #food6 years ago

Tonight's dinner was very interesting. I enjoyed a well planned and executed meal paired with beers from a Chicago Brewery, Half Acre. There was a great presentation explaining how the brewery got started, how they named many of their beers and about the logo and designs on the beer cans with their in-house artist. My favorite was the Daisy Capra and the beer can chicken.


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Though I have never been a beer drinker, It's common to pair food and beer in my Home country Belgium ;) Have a great day!

You too thanks for visiting my post.

Hmm that pairing sounds good!

It all looks delicious.

Looks yummy!!I like beer!

It was a great night. Usually it’s wine pairing dinner. Nice to pair food with beer!

Update: I tried this beer/chicken pairing and it was really good!

That’s interesting, I’ll have to try one of these pairings out!

Update: I normally don't like these pairings but I tried a beer/chicken pairing out and it was pretty good!

Good food and I will eat anything :-)

My upvote is small, but you've got it,my friend. Please checkout my animation videos if you have time. I'm the only one animator on dtube! Thank you.

I will check it out! Thanks for visiting my post.

Wow this is a great post @cookit, thanks for sharing it!

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The beer can chicken looks very delicious with rice.

Hello, that looks delicious, there is a contest organized by @jeffjagoe about restaurants you should go there to encourage you to participate

It looks so tasty. Thanks for sharing. A little more pictures would make it even more beautiful.

Thanks, I need to get better at taking pictures. Some were too blurred to post.

Yeah, try out the auto-focus on your iPhone!

You should try focusing the lens if you’re on an iPhone, you can hold your finger on the screen until it auto locks!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Nice feedback. Thanks!

Again, phenomenal work @cookit, I was just re-reading through this post along with all the comments!

I agree, more pictures and more scenery of the restaurant would be great as well!

Still would love to see those restaurant pics @cookit! Let me know if you end up doing it!

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