Amazing rotating gelato display!

in #food6 years ago

IMG_4290 2.JPG

I was like a kid in a candy store when I saw this rotating Gelato display. I couldn't decide what flavor to order. These days I prefer Gelato over ice cream. Gelato has less fat (it's made with more milk than cream) and less air churned into it during the freezing process as compared to American ice creams which are heavy on the cream and egg yolks.

I just think that sounds like a good excuse to eat more Gelato!


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My favorite in Vegas.

Everything is good in Vegas!

Icecream mmmmm....😍

Enjoyable even in the winter!

That is true!))

HV Not taste it before from the pics it think Gelato will be very delicious

It's delicious and there are so many unique flavors. It's very trendy now.

Very creative. Besides being delocious!!

Wish I had a video of it spinning!

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