A glass of wine and pizza - great Friday night!

in #food6 years ago


I really enjoy this Chicago style pan pizza at La Barra in the suburbs of Chicago. Nothing makes a Friday night more special than good company, pizza and wine!

I have a wood fired pizza catering business during the spring, summer and fall. I miss good pizza from my authentic wood fired oven right now. This pizza is very tasty though!



Looks great! Pan pizza is one of my favorites!

This pizza is particularly good, they layer the edge of the pan with slices of cheese so the crust gets crispy.

Looks like the pizza was very tasty
what is the name of the yellow food?
is it a soup?

It is olive oil with fresh parmesan cheese grated on top.

Wow fancy!!! I'll have to try that out!

great food photography job!

Thank you, I just take pictures with my iphone, I want to get some better equipment though.

iPhones have gotten really amazing at photo-taking, have you seen a gimbal before? I like the osmo mobile!

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Pizza and Cubs. hahah

Definitely! Go Cubs Go.

Hey chicago what do you say! Go Cubs Go!!


100% haha that's awesome!

This pizza is thick and very large I have seen many pizzas here but this one looks so good

It is the perfect balance of crust and toppings!

It does sound like the perfect balance, thanks for sharing it!

I totally agree man!

It was long enough ago now that I need another one of those pizzas

Haha another pizza! That'd be interesting!

Thanks for sharing @cookit, this pic definitely takes me back to when I tried deep dish pizza last Christmas while visiting Chicago, it was soooo good!

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