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I took a break from posting as I was on vacation in Mexico! Since we stayed on an all,inclusive resort, I ate what I wanted drank a bunch of alcohol, but also swam almost everyday, hiked at Xplor, ziplined, and walked to a bunch of stores on a shopping expedition with my wife. I did try to,keep with the intermittent fasting protocol, though I shrunk my windo from 18/6 to 16/8 during the trip. When I got back on the 9th, I was 280 pounds. I fasted the next day and took some Smooth Move, just to clean out and restart. I changed up my diet to really restrict carbs to 50 grams a day went to a 20/4 (where I eat whatever food I’m going to eat that day from 1pm to 5pm. As of today, my weight is 275 pounds. I am still biking every other day for 5.5 miles. I know the LCHF (LOW CARB HEALTH FATS) protocol sounds counterintuitive, but if you research it well, you’ll find why it works. It seems to be working for me.


I’m still a bit shy when it comes to taking pics, but I guess I will update with some pics when I lose another 10 pounds. I can definitely tell a difference when I bike. Back in May, I was 292 pounds and biking was harder than it should have been. Biking at 275 is still a challenge, but 17 fewer pounds going uphill is much easier.


In summary, I’ve combined LCHF or ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting and biking to help create a new lifestyle for myself. I went to the doctor at the beginning of this summer to get blood tests done. I wanted to get a baseline of lipid panel, glucose, kidney and liver function, testosterone, etc. I’ll go again when I hit my goal of 225 pounds.

Big thanks to Brix Fitness, Butter Bob Briggs, Thomas DeLauer and Edward V from Fledge Fitness. Their YouTube videos have been HUGELY HELPFUL. I’ve pasted their videos into this post from their YouTube channels. Check them out.