Strawberry crisp

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A small snack with a blend of strawberry and butter, crispy, cool and crispy, you can eat three or four in one breath.


  1. The butter is softened and it is easy to poke in with chopsticks. Pour in corn oil.
  2. Put the baking powder and baking soda in the flour, mix well, sieve, and pour into the small bowl of butter.
  3. Add white sugar and egg liquid
  4. All the ingredients are kneaded and kneaded into a dough, and allowed to stand for 30 minutes.
  5. The strawberry grain is cut into small pieces, which is more convenient for the latter operation.

  6. Put the strawberry granules into the dough and mix well, then let stand for 5-10 minutes to fully blend the strawberries and dough.
  7. Before the ball is put into a small ball, mix the dough and let the strawberries evenly. Then take a small dough, about 24 grams for one, reunion.
  8. Place the baking tray after the reunion until all reunion. Put all the balls flat with your fingers before putting them in the oven
  9. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees, put the baking tray in the middle layer for 16 minutes, bake until golden, and you can get out.

Ingredients: dehydrated strawberry, 30g, low-gluten flour 200g, butter 100g, corn oil 30g, sugar 75g, egg liquid 35g, aluminum-free baking powder 2g, baking soda 1g

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I should try doing this one this days, thank you for sharing..

You will have a surprise

I gotta try this one

sure Will not let you regret

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