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Hot Pot On A Cold Rainy Day

400ntd Hot Pot at Giguo, Taipei, Taiwan


I've been eating hot pot since I was a baby, it's a staple tradition in Taiwan and is something you can do with family, friends, a date, and even all by yourself. For delicious hot pot me and three friends stopped by Giguo.

For just 440NTD (~$14.8USD) we got a huge plate of meat, choice of rice or noodles, choice of meatballs or fish noodles, refillable broth, a plum vinegar drink, another drink, and dessert.

Their plate of beef has the perfect mix of fat. For a leaner version get the chuck. Check out their menu here.

It was more than enough for us. We finished off all the beef, all the vegetables, dessert and drinks and had to take a couple minutes to recover. I love that this hot pot place doesn't rush you even though it's in one of Taipei's busy malls. The dim lights let's you focus on the food and people around you. While it does get full, there's never too long of a wait before you're seated and stuffing your face. What's your go-to rainy day meal?

Look at all this food! Definitely living up to my foodbaby name.

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