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Food Coma and Coffee Cures


Stopped by for some Vietnamese food today, ordered a steak over rice in soup while friends opted for pho. If any of you have ever had pho, you know you're in for a serious food coma. So to combat that we walked around and ended up at Ambi Cafe in Taipei.

Ambi cafe is a new Instagram cafe in Taipei. Hidden in Dunhua S. Road, look for a little Meercat poster, and go down the stairs next to it and you'll find Instagram heaven. You're instantly greeted by a neon light (Instagram cafe giveaway no. 1), lots of flowers (Instagram cafe giveaway no. 2), and a bunch of people walking around taking photos (Instagram cafe giveaway no. 3).

Oh well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do and start taking selfies.




And after a hard long day of eating, drinking, and taking photos we had to lie down and relax.

📍Ambi Cafe
🗺 Lane 187, section 1, Dunhua S Road, Taipei
📱 02-27755055
🕑 2:00pm - 9:00pm

See my Instagram posts on Ambi here and here

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cinlin!! Thank you, your Post.

Thank you Iamgun, hope you enjoy the other posts :)

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