Bavarian style Apple donuts. So simple but a winner 👨‍🍳

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When my wife and I travel to Munich we always eat at local Brauhaus's. One of our favourites was luckily close to our hotel called Spaten Haus named after the beer they brew Spaten.

The first time we went there and had dinner we loved it so much, delicious large hearty venison goulash washed down with the delicious beer.
I don't really have sweets as I have mentioned but when my wife ordered the apple donuts I had to have them to!! They were so delicious and when I came back to Australia I had to emulate them for our German restaurant 😉




The batter is quite simple. I make Almost a pancake style batter with a nice splash of wheat beer to give it the extra puff.
I mix all the ingredients listed below in a bowl and whisk together until I have a batter consistency.


For the apples I peel and core any type of apple then slice into 4 disks.
Flour the apples then place in batter, coat and place into a pot with boiling veg oil or a deep fryer. You can test the temperature of the oil by putting a small amount of batter in into your oil. It should fiz and cook nicely till golden.

Fry each side for 1 1/2 minute or until golden then remove from oil onto paper towel. Now mix the cinnamon and sugar together and blotch the fresh donut on both sides to coat.

The best accompanied to serve with these is simply vanilla ice cream and is suitable for little kids and big kids 😜





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Where I come from we call them Äpfel im Schlafrock (apples in pyjamas) or Gebackene Mäuse (fried mice)! :D

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