Try to find a better one, SCIUE IL PANINO VESUVIANO #2

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This time I want to share my second experience with best burgers you can find in South Italy; we are talking about "Sciue il panino vesuviano", an amazing burger shop situated in Pomigliano D'arco (Na).

Today I've tried one of most famous burgers of "Mauro De Luca", owner of Sciuè:

SPACCANAPOLI (Hamburger, provola, bakedpotatoes, mozzarella, baked ham)


But you can dial your burger as you want, like this

(Hamburger, bacon, meatballs, eggplant parmigiana, provola)


Choosing among many ingredients:


You can also choose some typical burgers like:

SUINO BLACK (Hamburger, provola, salad, tomatoes, fried potatoes, onion, bacon)

BIG SCIUE' (double hamburger , provola, cheddar,fried potatoes, aromatic bacon,eggs e meatballs.

PORK (Porchetta, provola, fried potatoes, cheddar,eggplant)

O' Purp (octopus, mayo to the algae, cetrioli e celery, oyster leaf, lemon peel

(for fish lover)

Don't forget to try a potato bucket before eating the burger!

PS: the owner suggests to publish burger's photo on your favorite social network with hi hashtag, advertise it!!



wow a mighty yummy to enjoy, thanks...

I ate a roast beef sandwich this morning and now you made me hungry again. Yum. :)
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the burger with (Hamburger, bacon, meatballs, eggplant parmigiana, provola) looks soooo good. Making me hungry

This burger is incredible

you have now made me very but cool post, i want to try some of these myself

Let's came in Italy :)

wow glad you commented on my post this looks soooo good lol

Nice, become hungry! Keep burgering 👌

Incredible burger photos!
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Wow! That looks really delicious! 🤤

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