What my VEGAN 1 YEAR OLD Eats in a Day

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Hi Guys! I have been getting some requests to make this video, so I hope you enjoy and that it answers some of your questions. When I started feeding him solids, I began with baby led weaning, which has worked great for us. DISCLAIMER: I suggest reading the book to find out more and decide if it will work for you, this is just what works for us.

Baby Led Weaning Book:

Refried Bean Recipe Video:

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Good luck for your lovely. My kids where brought up vegetarian, but decided to eat meat when the meet nonvegetarien friends at school. Maybe one day when the mind rules their body the will come back.

It’s definitely harder when schools and most of the restaurants around us are serving meat. Of course kids are curious as well and they want to try things out. The world is progressing though towards the plant based diet. Many people are finally waking up and start seeing the benefits from this diet. Like you said hopefully the mind will take over soon 😂
Thanks so much for the comment.

Your baby boy is so cute! Thank you for sharing the video! I'm already looking forward to seeing more!

Thank you!! There will be more for sure 😉

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you @bvegan😉 I'll share this to my sister and I hope she'll get inspiration from you😊 oh my god... your baby boy is so cute never saw a baby who would eat like him around me.. from my 12 nephews and nieces.. only one baby girl who loves to eat anything... almost anything. I should try that refried bean... maybe replace it with red bean or mung bean

You’re welcome. He definitely likes to eat. We are truly blessed with our boy. Thanks so much for staying in touch and let me know if some of the ideas helped your sister. 🤗

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