Favorite Topping

in #food3 years ago

Hi friends,

I wanted to share one of my favorite ice cream toppings with you - Hershey’s Chocolate Shell:


The consistency when you put it on the ice cream starts the same as regular Hershey’s chocolate syrup, but then it hardens a few seconds later to create a firm shell. I like the texture and contrast of the firm shell pieces with the soft ice cream - not to mention it is chocolate! How could you go wrong??

Have you tried this before? If not, I recommend you try it if you can find it in the store!

Thanks for coming by!


This is the first time I found out about it. I have never tried. I think it is not available in our country's stores.

I never see it before. For the first time i knew about it.

Just the description gives me an idea of ​​how exquisite it is. Thanks for sharing

It can get difficult. But still absolutely go to buy.

Yes!! I love pouring it over the ice cream and once it hardens, dig out the ice cream a bit so it creates a little cave under the chocolate lol

Thanks for the information. it is seen that it is an excellent Topping.

You have good tastes friend. Enjoy your meal.

I did not even know an ice cream topping existed. Over here, we just buy the ice cream and start slurping like cats..lol

nice Favorite friends

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