Meat on a Stick - Espetada - A BraaiBoyTV recipe

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Meat on a stick!

A video started doing the rounds recently about a Russian dude using a coke can and pepsi bottle to make "Meat on a Stick". After the 10th time or so that the video had been shared with me, I knew I had to try it as well... Without the tools I needed and just 2 days before I was about to leave on a 3-week road trip... I decided to shoot a more traditional "Meat on a stick" video instead.

P.S. If you don't know which video I'm talking about... you can follow this link:

In this episode I show you how to make an Espetada. It's a traditional portuguese kebab... similar to a South African sosatie, just a lot larger.

The key ingredient in this recipe is a quality piece of rump... and so thanks to Frank at my local Meatworld in Elardus Park for hooking me up and sponsoring this video.

Do you have any recipes or ideas that you would like to see me try out? Let me know in the comments below and if I use your idea there will be a reward in it for you. I don't know what that reward is just yet... but there will be a reward, and it will be cool (public high-5's are cool, right?) ;-)

Liked the video/Recipe? Maybe you thought it was crap?

Either way, let me know in the comments below.

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Oooh, I want my satay as big as thaat!!!
Looks very yummy, man. Great job!

Hey @gibic ... Thank you for popping in and watching.
It is indeed very yummy... give it a try!

That is in Russian called shashlik and is really very popular in teh whole ex-USSR, but over there it was first coming from Caucasus and Central Asia, of course there are plenty of recipes and even people just amend it depending what they like.

I really enjoyed your video, wonderfully presented video, easy steps and I would say for the guests in summer would be great to enjoy such Meat on sticks with some salads and potatoes that you after boiling can put shortly on grill too... You brought back my memories from summer grilling :)

Hey @stef1
Thanks for watching, and thanks for the kind words.
Glad I could bring back memories... I know the name for it across many countries/languages... but not yet Russian... and now I know! So THANK YOU for teaching me something too \m/

How delicious does that look😋! I am sure it tastes even more delicious. Your video is quite fun (especially the start of it, made me giggle).

I should go over an see what the Russian guy is doing...

hahaha... glad you enjoyed it... you're welcome back any time ;-)

Looks yummy. In my country, the northerners do something similar but the meat is somewhat smaller than that. They make thin slices instead of large chunks. I would love to try this one out too.

Hey @cheekah
What country is that, and what is it called?
Do you have any pics?

I am from Nigeria and its called Suya here, its marinated in some sort of sauce made of groundnut and other stuffs. I got a picture online.nigerian-suya.png

hmmm... sounds interesting... will have to try it out.
Thanks for sharing!

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