[EASY DAILY FOOD #86] Bean Sprout Rice / Food Story / Life Photography

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On a day when I don't want to cook, I prepare a very simple meal.

It was a day I didn't like to cook or eat out. I needed a very simple recipe. I opened my refrigerator and checked out ingredients. I didn't have side dishes. I didn't have bread. There wasn't enough vegetables to make salad. Fortunately, there was bean sprouts. I put rice into the rice cooker and added bean sprouts on top. 

It's very easy. If I put enough bean sprouts, delicious rice is made. When cooking bean sprouts rice, you should put a little less water than usual. I usually make sauce for the rice while waiting, but I didn't need to. There was a sauce and a soup left in the refrigerator, so I just waited until the rice was done. 

I added some seasoned cucumber and put some sesame oil. 

It's true that I'm less motivated to do something. I'm not depressed. It just feels like high humidity pushing my shoulders down. I keep trying to push the feeling out of my mind and life. 


Quick, easy and it looks really delicious. Upvoted and resteemed :-)

You are always welcome. 😉 @lichtblick thank you for your support.

@bontonstory you are not alone. With the weather being so hot and humid it is very hard to get motivated to cook so a lot of times this summer, we have been buying a lot of take-out. I usually do a lot of cooking but the heat makes one lazy. We can't wait until it cools off because the heat is oppressive. Your food looked great. I will have to try your bean sprout rice. Even making rice is a chore right now!.....lol! Hang in there! Have a great week ahead!!!!! :D

Yes, I'm trying to gather every single energy to make me move. Lol Thank you for sharing. Have a nice day. :) @cabbagepatch

You need some seasoned soy sauce for bean sprout rice. Hope you like the rice. Try it when the weather is cool. :)

I love bean sprouts they are so good for you! Great post my friend!

Bean sprouts side dishes are very good. Let me share them someday. :) Thank you!!! @amy-goodrich

Nothing wrong with keeping it simple! Rice and bean sprouts is a good way to start and goes great with everything!

Thank you so much!! :) @old-guy-photos

His looks so yummy and a wonderful view! The heat here in Oklahoma really pushes me down too!

Oh...We need to pay more attention to our health and skin care. :) @reddust

I drink lots of filtered water and I cook with filtered water, I also take supplements and eat organic whole foods. My skin looks good for my age!

that really looks delicious, thanks for the share!

This looks so delicious @bontonstory! It looks like a 5 star meal which you managed to make with only the leftovers in your fridge. 😍

Looks tasty. Upvoted and followed.

Your meals look delicious. I think I would like a lot.