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There are many vegetables available to us today which I believe are underrated. I say underrated because they offer such incredible health benefits. People don’t try them because of the color, texture or even perhaps the smell. It could be a friend or family member told them they wouldn’t like it. Or maybe they have never heard or seen the vegetable. Well, as I continue to share my journey toward intentional living and improving health I will today share a vegetable that until a short time ago I had not tried.


The Beet or beta vulgaris

Beets have been used as a food and medicine since the Babylonian times however originally the Beet leaves were only eaten, the root was used medicinally. The beetroot became popular as a food in France in the 1800’s typically used in soups.


Fast forward to today and much research has been done regarding the beet. Now scientists have found that Beets are full of fabulous Vitamins and nutrients such as B Vitamins, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese and copper. Studies have shown nitrates found in Beets can help with blood circulation, brain function, improve stamina and energy. The betaine found in beets has been found to help detox the liver and prevent fat build up in the liver. Beets are also high in betalains, a very rich class of antioxidant and anti-inflammatories which are so crucial in our daily health and well-being.

As I continued to research this vegetable I realized I need to incorporate this vegetable in my diet! As we all know, raw is best! First thing in the morning is even better. When I think about creating morning drinks I am careful to balance fruits and vegetables to minimize the sugar content in the drink. Fruits can be high in sugar so be mindful when adding fruits. This Purple Power Super Hero Smoothie adds just a touch of sweetness which I think you will enjoy. Your kids will think its the Batman of Super Hero Drinks! (*At least my big kid did! *)



  • 1 granny smith apple

  • 5 carrots

  • 1 medium beet (I am using a red beet, I have found Golden beets are a little bit milder, less “earthy”)

  • Beetroot leaves

  • 1 lemon

  • 1 orange (I used naval)

  • 1 cucumber

  • 4 cups fresh spinach or kale

    serves 2

I try to by fruits and vegetables from local farms when possible. We should all get to know who we are buying our food from. Support the small farmers!

Wash all fruits and vegetables well!
Chop all as needed for your juicer/blender. I use an Omega Masticating Blender but feel free to use any blender you have!

Blend all and



I hope you all will try this, let me know what you think! I can honestly tell you I feel better having incorporated this beautiful vegetable into my diet on a regular basis!
Do you have a favorite beet recipe? If so, please share!

And as always, thank you for stopping by!


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that looks delicious! i didn't realize people only used the root medicinally until the french started using it in soups! it is so interesting why we do or don't eat certain foods. so happy you all are boosting your health in this way. live a long time! <3

I know, the French started using it in Borscht! I haven't made it yet, but it is quite popular. Thank you for your kind words! and upvote :)

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It looks good this beetroot smoothie!.
I leave in France in a small village and we support the locals farmers by having a market every week from April to November. People like it more and more, there is such a difference between there products and the ones from the supermarkets.

That is wonderful! Our farmers markets are from November to April! I agree there is no comparison between the grocery and the outdoor market. Thanks for your kind words!