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First invented in 1432 when a party King Louie II had thrown went so long, that they actually had to serve what they had cleaned up. They had apparently just added some more spices and re heated on the fire. We have him to thank for all those wonderful second had food dishes.
He was the King of Hungary.... Kinda ironic right... Well of course I made it all up, I did not look up where leftovers actually came from, and I think they have always been around. I did read the definition on wikipedia though, and it did say not for commercial use dinning, Whooooo. Although there are a couple of suspect restaurants in my area. Though leftovers from restaurants are sent home in Doggy bags.... Reading the definitions of common knowledge things is hilarious sometimes. But I am here to let you know that with out leftovers, I would have starved this week. My pregnant wife has been sick, and all she wants to eat is soup. That is great when you are sick, but I am not so to the freezer I went. One thing I have noticed is that I usually try and turn the stuff into 3 things, quesadillas, salads, or soups. Not much variety, so I was wondering if you guys do the same thing. So for two people with the best two Ideas of leftovers they make, I will throw a 75% minimum upvote there way depending on my voting power for the day. I will also pull in a guest judge. TBD so there is no funny business of bribery.... Must tell me the dish that was first made, then what you made the second time. Will give 4 days for people to post there entries.

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Okay, will be looking at the Recipes today, and post the winners tomorrow. Brian.rrr will probably be a judge, if he has time.... If not I will call in someone else. Maybe Elvis

what a good story .. it looks delicious. regards

In this regard, my mother is quite savvy. The chickens boil, the water does not spill the garbage, and it makes chicken soup with it. And it's pretty tasty. But I can not take photos right now. First of all I can not make a mother. 5 pm at 5 pm :) Also I am now 600 km away from my family. : ///

That is a good one.
My new years day Ham, turned into ham sandwiches the next day, next day ham and cheese omelet, and finally Hambone and bean soup. sorry I dont have any pics, but I will check with my wife. My Wife @texasbodi may have something better, Thank you

Great ideas

I fry the remains of frying pan and make an omelette with eggs. Also I roll leftovers in pitta bread and make Shawarma

These aren't spectacularly creative but it's what I've got:

(1) After Thanksgiving, virtually everyone will turn their leftover turkey into something, such as sandwiches, or just eat the leftover's like yesterday's meal. For me, I have saved the neck (instead of throwing it out)and the carcass and boiled to create a stock; then combined with standard soup ingredients to make quite the amazing turkey soup. The process involves searing the neck if you want to be iron chef like. The last time I did this was maybe Thanksgiving of a year ago. I skipped it for the recent holiday.
(2) We usually pack fruit for lunch or for snacks around the house. But, near the end of the week, for a healthy choice we would take the fruit, some squeezed lemon/dijon mustard dressing mixture that we make, parm cheese sprinkle and tomatoes and arugula to create a dinner salad. Typically a melon such as watermelon works very well and the combination of everything makes for a bright salad. We've done it so many times it has converted from a frequent leftover into an intentional meal when we grocery shop.

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Not much but you may use stale bread to make meatballs and the rest can be use as crouton.

Sorry about the illness. It can really interrupt what is supposed to be a good thing.

Our leftovers are mostly intentional. For example, Last week I slow-cooked a large roast in the crockpot. As there is only 2 of us it's enough to last the whole week but I froze half of it so it's a fast meal some other time. The rest of it got:

  • cut into strips for a salad (I only like salads if they have lots of 'stuff' in them so this is one of many 'stuffs').
  • made into a more 'American-style' stirfry (ramen noodles, frozen veggies, meat cut into strips, and sweet chili sauce).
  • made into SOS (milk/flour/butter gravy with meat and peas) over a slice of toast. I used half the drippings to make the bulk of the gravy. The rest... Freezer!

The rest of the roast will go into other similar things later.

Hello @bigram. I hope your wife is better now. 😊

I'm a student from Nigeria. Basically let me start by saying we have lots of food in Nigeria. But most times, it seems like we have only about 3 or 4 and they can be so monotonous. 😒

Last weekend though, I was at my house and we had boiled yam and boiled ripe plantain for dinner with vegetable sauce. When we all had our fill, it was remaining quite a lot. (there are 8adults and 2 growing children in my house so we tend to underestimate the amount of food we can finish some times)

Anyway back to the description, the next morning, we warmed up all the the yam and plantain to make this dish called onunu (local to the Rivers people) which is eaten with beef pepper stew.

After heating the yam and plantain, we pounded them together using a mortar and pestle till it had a soft consistency. We added Palm oil and a little salt and spices to create the delicious taste and to give it a reddish colour. Then we pounded some more. After the pounding was done, we made the beef pepper stew. Guess what happened next😁😁😁

All I can say is that by the time we were done devouring the food, everyone was clamouring for a second helping. But really, how possible is it to get a second helping out of leftovers?? 😏😏😏

Alas I couldn't take any pictures because I was too busy consuming it with my fingers. 🙈🙈🙈

Thanks for reading. Hope you like it. 😊

Thank u bigram for the opportunity

Left overs for upvote

Keeping things simple,there have been some good times in my home when we get to eat a well prepared chicken stew .But those good times fade when it gets almost exhausted and the rice accompanying it is still in excess ,what do we do ?here is a clue.You add a little water to the almost finished stew heat , then cut slices of tomatoes and pepper ,add your beaten eggs to make an egg sauce with the aroma of the chicken in the left over stew .
Warm your rice or yam and enjoy your egg sauce with chicken flavour gotten from your left over chicken stew .
The joy continues
Thank u

the king of hungary. up vote brother

My mum is a caterer and when she goes to weddings, she do come home with white rice and she will convert the leftover to jollof rice or fried rice the next day.

Potatoes. I saw this with my sis, she learned catering so she dabbles a lot with food. we boil them to eat, but the leftovers from then would be fried with eggs and plantain which makes a delicious meal to be served alongside juice and any other drinks of your choice.

Sup mates , to me , the best leftover food you can turn into fresh edible food is rice..... anyways tam talking about NIGERIA...

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Hope your wife is feeling better. I have lots of recipes for leftover chicken but thought I would share this leftover salmon recipe. We love salmon and I bake the large fillets with some olive oil, garlic, parsley and lemon and serve with some rice/potatoes and broccoli. I often have leftover salmon and this is great to make the next day. Enjoy.
How to Make Salmon Salad Sandwich ~ Leftover Salmon Recipe
1 pd. cooked leftover flaked salmon; 1/4 cup finely sliced green onions; 1/4 cup finely diced celery; 2 roughly chopped hard boiled eggs; 1-2 tsp. fresh chopped dill; 2 tsp. roughly chopped capers; 1 tbsp. chopped pimentos; zest of lemon; 3/4 to 1 cup mayonnaise / yogurt; 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard Salt and white pepper to taste. *Mix everything together and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Serve on a roll with lettuce and tomato. Also serve with a slice of lemon for a squeeze and a little extra pop of flavor.

Hola bienvenido a esta comunidad steemit te deseo suerte feliz año espero enero sea de muchos éxitos para ti .

Reserve 1 cup of vegetable soup liquid. Drain the rest.
Place vegetables and reserved liquid into blender. Blend until finely grained.
Heat olive oil on medium. Add minced garlic and saute for approximately 2 minutes.
Add blended vegetable mixture to sautéed garlic. Add everything else.
Simmer for 15-20 minutes or until piping hot. Serve and enjoy.

It is very tasty,healthy and easy recipe .pls try and said how it is.

My wife likes to cook big portions of hamburger so we can do tacos or enchiladas. With the leftovers she makes casserole with tater tots on top. Maybe I'm a child at heart, but the tots are the best. Since it's a casserole, there's cheese dripping off of them. They're the beeeest! #Cheeseandtotsforthewin

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1 Fajita Pasta

Fajitas are super yummy I usually get the mix of steak and chicken, you usually always have some left over but the tortilla is not that good to reheat. So the next day I like to mix the steak, chicken, peppers, and onions left over with noodles and sauce to make a Fajita Pasta.

2 Arroz Con Pollo Soup

When I eat at hispanic restaurants I often like to order the chicken and yellow rice dish known as Arroz Con Pollo. If you add it to a pot with some chicken broth or even easier a can of chicken noodle soup it makes a great chicken soup.

great knowledge for all new peoples

lol @ i looked up the def. on wikipedia! i like to take my leftovers when i make salsbury steak, mashed potatoes and veggies and the next day... you guessed it Im sure! shepherds pie! yummy