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I Would Have To Say ..

Hands down, my all time favorite lunch/dinner food (mostly dinner and mostly on Fridays) is Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Oh Yeah! Just enough heat, chicken, and dough. By far and without contest, my favorite food in general is pizza. I have had many variations of this delightful dish, but this particular place makes it just right for my taste. The chicken is tender and seasoned, the sauce is not too hot and not applied in overpowering amounts, the cheese selection is top notch and tasty, and the dough is thin, but not too thin. It’s like having wings and pizza all wrapped up into one!

I Did Enjoy It ..

Sorry, but I forgot to save you all a piece :-/
Maybe next time my friends.. Maybe

Photo by BDMiller

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I am not much for pizzas in general. But this is a great style though. Buffalo chicken pizzas... Yumm.

It's really good. Instead of tomato sauce they use buffalo hot sauce. I usually ask for them to go a bit lighter on the sauce.

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