VEGAN Mac'n Cheese For Quick Lunch Idea 😋 🧀🌱

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Good morning everyone! Hope you're doing well! In Poland, we have again around -10°C. Damn, and one week ago we had really beautiful weather and 15°C. Funny, isn't it? Because of this lower temperatures,i feel a bit sick again, especially my sinuses. Anyway, I hope that soon, we'll have beautiful and warm weather again ❤️

For today I prepared delicious Mac'n Cheese, which every vegan made, I guess. 😋 Okay, maybe not every, because I made it first time 😆 I saw that, most of these people which I follow on Instagram or on YouTube, made it. Honestly, I was curious how it tastes In Poland it is not so popular dish like in USA so I never tried it before. I made the "cheesy cream" from potato and spices. In other words, with the most easy vegan cheese to prepare. 😄 Recipe for this "cheese" I found in my very old post with recipe for Vegetable Casserole With Vegan Cheese here. Yum yum yuuum, let's get into recipeeee! 🤗

For preparing you will need:

  • 250g of noodles ( I used Cavatappi from durum wheat, but feel free to use your favorite type or which you have in your shelfs😁)
  • water
  • a bit of salt and oil

for cheese

  • three peeled potatoes
  • one big peeled carrot
  • one onion
  • 2/3 glass of yeast flakes
  • eight tbsp of rapseeds oil
  • 3/4 tsp of smoked paprika powder
  • 3/4 tsp of salt
  • half tsp of curcuma
  • half tsp of white pepper
  • two garlic cloves
  • half glass of warm water


  • so basically all you have to do is, drop pasta into hot water with salt, oil and cook, till al'dente (according to package)
  • cook potatoes and carrots, place them in blender with rest of ingredients and blend till smooth
  • pour cheese on big pan or into pot, warm it up a bit and then add drained noodles
  • mix it well, serve in bowls with some nutritional yeast and green on top (dill, chives, parsley or whatever you want)!😋

    The most easy and quick way for lunch, tho? I highly recommend to try it, if you didn't make it yet! I was really positively suprided after eating it. 😊 So for sure you won't regret! 🤩 I love to inspire people to make crazy recipes, prepare food in a good way, send positive vibe and moremoremore! Your feedback is so valuable for me, so don't forget to leave comment below what you think! Thank you so much for reading and until next time! 💕


The dish looks really yummy. I just wonder how long time did it take you to make it? Including the vegan cheese?

I did it around 25 minutes because I needed to wait until potatoes and pasta will cooked already. Basically, this dish is soo sooo easy and quick to prepare. Enjoy! 😊 😋

I've been craving mac and cheese for 2 weeks now and this post just hit the spot now im really craving it, ah that looks like heaven in a bowl. My mouth cant stop watering

So it seems like you have one more reason to do it @chekohler! Yaaay! Yeah, it was soo delicious 🤤Thank you for the comment! 😊

Ohhh! Sound good! This vegan Mac n cheese 🧀 looks so yummy! I love so much the cheesy food.

Dear @creativewoman! You have to try it, if you like vegan food! For sure, you'll be in heave immediately! 😊 I love to prepare vegan cheese, especially from cashew nuts. It's sooo creamy 🤤

thats very 'cheesy' and starchy that can probably keep you warm :-)

weather seems to be so extremely fluctuating in your city, stay warm outdoors

Thanks a lot! Looks like I have some flu now, the weather is better here, but still not so warm, lol. My sinuses and throat are crying 😭 And yeah, it kept me warm, but for now, I just prefer to eat some warming up soup, ideally some Chinese broth 😏🍜

Ohh that looks so creamy 😍 I just ate and you make me hungry again. Now I might have to eat again 😂

I'm sorry dear! I didn't want to make you hungry! Or maybe yes? Hahaha, thank you! 😂 😘

I think you did it on purpose :D But that's ok because it looks smashing :D

Obviously, I didn't do it on purpose huehuehue XD Thanks a lot! 😂

Hahaha :D lots of love to you :D <3

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