Summer Delicious Apple Dream | Healthy Dessert For Warm Days! 🍨😎☀️ [VEGAN SUGAR-FREE]

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Hey Guys! As I promised, I made a video, where I'm making my Summer Apple Dream for @steemit-ironchef competition. The original post can be found here😊. Because the theme of that week was my favorite, local fruit/vegetable, I decided to make this dessert. I never tried vegan ice cream, so I thought I'd try to make them. And this idea was really good. Ice creams were so fluffy and sweet! But you know what? Lately, I even stopped using xylitol for a sweet taste. When I'm doing something like these ice creams or like my Cold soup from grapes I don't need it. It's soo delicious without it!
Beside that, ice creams are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. This last one we are able to find in apple skin! I highly recommend to try them. For me ice creams should have exactly that texture and composition. Without any white sugar or unnecessary additives! And everybody will be able to enjoy the taste of them! 😊😋

So that's it! Let me know in a comment what you think about the video! It gives me so much motivation to do more! Btw any advices regarding to videos are welcome!
Hope you like my recipe for vegan ice cream! Have a nice day! 💕

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It is still a little bit to cold for ice cream but it is sure a great idea for the warmer days. Thanks for sharing...

Well, it's perfect dessert to sharing with your friends in hot days! For sure I'll try to do other compositions! 😊

wow this looks gorgeous if only i could get dtube working to watch it. Was 17 degrees today, spring/summer is finally here, defo warm enough for homemade sugar free vegan ice cream, the best way!

Yasss! In Poland we have +13 degrees. So it's not to warm here, but still better than -17 degrees lol! 😆 Vegan ice creams are the best! 😋

Sounds really good! Sadly my blender is broken at the moment but I hope I will get a new one soon. :)

I know your pain! Once time mine also was broken, so I needed to wait for new one. I'm with you! 😆

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