Food in Beijing Series: What We Did For Easter + BONUS DROOLING PICS

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It started with living in Beijing Series, then it pivot to food. LOL 😝
Author: Reena.K


Easter in China is celebrated in a far different way from most western countries.
Firstly, the Chinese do not celebrate Easter.
Secondly, you don't get Easter holidays, which means you don't one week off. Unless you work in an international school.

So what can you do?

You can go to the church. Usually there are be Easter church service organized by the Beijing International Christian Fellowship or the catholic churches in Beijing. Or you can spend the Sunday with family and friends.

Some restaurants of cafes in Sanlitun might have a special promotion going on, so you should definitely check out some of the expat websites if there are any Easter dinner specials.

Reena's Sunday

My Easter is celebrated in a different way. First of all, I am quite thankful that i don't have to work during this weekend. So the Friday itself was a TGIF for me!


Ladies and gentleman, this is when my auto pilot fingers just write about food.

I met up with my Aussie bestie and had lunch at Wudaokou.
She was craving for Korean food while I wanted salad. Wudaokou is known to have a lot of Korean restaurants. If you’re wondering why there are lots of Korean restaurants in certain parts of Beijing, I would need to save it for another post but to cut a long story short, there are lots of Koreans in Beijing.

Having lunch with my friend


This is Bree, my friend and coursemate for four years in Beijing. She is currently part of the events management team for the British Chambers of Commerce in Beijing and a trainer for the F45 Training Center in Beijing . An expat in China for 5 years, she is not a regular Aussie because she speaks fluent Chinese.

Now the star....

Look at this Beauty...

Food: Cheesy Rice cake with chicken

Presentation: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I'm giving a 4 star because It's not fine dining, so you can't really expect the food to look really neat. But it makes you hungry when the plate arrives.

Taste: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It has a little smoky taste to it because it is on a hot plate so it still sizzles a bit.
hint: For this dish, it is best to serve on a hot plate, if i see any restaurant that serves this on a regular ceramic plate I would give it a pass, Rice cakes are not delicious when eaten cold.

check out this beautiful fruit salad

Price: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Not the cheapest but reasonable. We paid about 12 USD each for a bowl of rice, a messy beef dish with spinach (we ate before the camera gets to eat it , a generous plate of fruit salad and cheesy rice cake

Will I come back again??

Yes, If i run out of Korean restaurants to try. LOL
There are lots of Korean Restaurants operated by Koreans themselves. A lot of them come to Beijing and make a living here. And of course, the taste is better than the Korean franchise restaurants in certain places. If you see the Koreans come here to eat, the taste is legibly approved by them of course =)

▔▔▔▔▔▔▔◥ ◤▔▔▔▔▔▔▔
So what do you think about the post about? leave the comments and let me know. FYI, comments are all read by me, Reena.K herself and any comments that are related to the team members post, Iwill forward it to them and they will comment with their own steemit account. =) Don't forget to hit that button and support. Hope that this post makes you drool again!!!!

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One of the few times I approve of cheese outside of pasta! Yeah cheesy rise cakes in a sizzling plate!

I wouldn't be surprised that a lot of Koreans are in China as a lot of their culture came from it and it is pretty near.

true, Beijing and Seoul is only like 3 hours away by flight. Hope the post made u hungry!!! go get some korean food!!! yum yum

hi sistah!! (you're still not asian) in Asia ... hahaahah

i LOVE me some Korean food and yum! How'd you get that GIF and the photos are great.

PS. I tagged you in a contest. :p

i use a website :, pretty cool actually and it still can retain the quality.
Time to go and check out the contest then!!!

excellent! thank you fo sharing. the quality os mich better than YT and DT ! :)

The cheesy rice cake with chicken looks delicious. 👍

oh yes, indeed it was really good! thanks for dropping by my post, really appreciate it =)

forget to ask, is the red coloured sauce chili or tomato-based sauce ?

it should be the korean chilli paste. it is somewhat spicy but not as spicy as sambal paste. (i did notice you're malaysian) so ... haha. i believe we can handle korean food. but i prefer south east asian food anytime because i really miss it here in Beijing.

I know I can't go wrong with dumplings, beijing duck, and mutton hot pot in Beijing as a tourist with a stay not more than a week. If I were you as a resident, having those day in and out is boring.

i don't want to write about why i chose to eat korean food instead, but i can tell u here that i told my friend "No chinese Food, i'm tired of it. " Guilty. LOL

Hot pot is really delicious by the way =)
I would never get tired of going to 海底捞 but it will burn your pocket too if you go everyday.

Do you own 海底捞 hotpot at home, I know they make off-the-shelf hot-pot packs for easy home hot-potting. :-) But a downside is going to the market, rinsing and preparing and doing the washing up.

nope. I live a small room so cooking in here is going to create hotpot smell, which would not be too good. Maybe if i have my own apartment i could do that =D
I really do not mind cooking actually =)
海底捞 service is really one of the best. It is the kind of place that i will definitely bring tourist and experience their service. =D

Seems to me it is always an ultra long queue outside of all 海底捞 outlets (Never been to any 海底捞 myself, but have read some online food reviews).

Do invite me over for your home cooking one day. haha.

The food looks amazing never been to Azia and I had no idea that there were Korean restaurants in Bejing. :D

Time to make a trip then! nvrmind, dont try korean food here. There are other food that you must try!
Which reminds me, I need to write a post on it!

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