The Future Vision of The Well, A Cafe & Tea House

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Hey friends! Yesterday I announced on Steemit that I recently bought a tea house/cafe/kava bar with the help of crypto money. Today I'm sharing with you the letter that I wrote to the community about the future vision of The Well.

This has been a dream of mine for a while and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Steemit! A huge thanks to everyone on this platform who I've ever worked with, chatted with, or who has supported me. If you are interested in supporting this vision further, I just launched an Indiegogo with some amazing offerings to the community, a few of which can be shipped to anywhere in the US!

Dearest Friends of The Well,

I am honored and grateful to be the new owner and steward of The Well. I grew up across the bridge in San Rafael, where I currently have a sustainable farm with a focus on medicinal herbs. I have spent the last year helping my friend create and run San Rafael’s local wellness cafe and event space, Key Tea. I have seen the power of community building around herbs and food as medicine. I am in deep gratitude to The Well’s founder, Marielle, for creating such a space in Oakland and for trusting me to carry out her vision of a place centered around people care, earth care, and fair share. And I am in deep gratitude to you, The Well community, for welcoming me into this space and for being an integral part of The Well.

What is staying the same…

I am planning to continue many aspects of The Well business as was run by Marielle. I hope to continue stewarding beloved community and I am committed to keeping the space as accessible, diverse, and inclusive as possible for all folks. Herbal drinks and eats will still be the focus of The Well, as reflected in our new menu. We will also continue to offer workshop space for community teachings. It will continue to be a kid friendly zone with toys and high chairs easily available. We will continue to source our ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources and strive to be as local and organic as possible. We will continue to pay our employees fair wages and offer benefits.

Some changes…

We will be creating a line of organic Chinese teas and offering tea ceremonies. We will also be adding kava to our menu. Kava is a root from the Pacific Islands that is known for its relaxing and socializing effects. With the addition of kava and our hopes of being an alternative nightlife lounge, we will be expanding our hours to Monday-Friday 9am-midnight, Saturdays, 9am-6pm, and Sundays 9am-9pm, with curated events on select Saturday nights. We will also offer one “karma bowl” and “karma drink” per day. These will be “pay what you can” meals in order to keep healthy food accessible to the entire community. The karma bowls will be rotating rice bowls with tofu or eggs, vegetables, fermented goods, and culinary herbs. The karma drinks will be rotating herbal teas and elixirs served hot or cold. We will also be adding a cold case for grab-and-go items. Additionally, we will be adding weekly community events, such as open mics, art nights, and curated workshops. There are more new projects in the works and there is space for things to change and expand based on the community’s needs.

How can you play a role?

Please come say hi and introduce yourself! Tell me what The Well means to you? What would you like to see continued in the space? What would you like to see added to the space? If you would like to hold a workshop (starting June 14th onward) please send me an email at Are you interested in working at The Well? Please email me for job descriptions! Lastly, please tell your friends and family about us!

Indiegogo campaign

We will be launching an Indiegogo campaign on June 12th with some sweet deals, including a month of unlimited kava and tea, private tastings of the entire new menu, Chinese cultural immersions, and discounted workshop hosting in The Well. You can get a sneak peak at the draft of the campaign here. The funds raised through this campaign will be used to expand the bar seating for kava, expand outdoor seating (including vertical herb gardens!), add a Chinese tea tasting corner, build a stage for open mics and performances, buy a PA system, and more! Thank you for your support.

When we are repoening and a thank you

Lastly, when are we reopening?? We will reopen our doors on August 1st! Until then, we will have the space open for select community workshops. Please check our website and facebook page for updates on these workshops and reach out to me if you would like to host a workshop. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of and co-creating this community. I’m so grateful for all of you and excited for the abundance of good food, drinks, shared laughter, and caring relationships for years to come.

In love and gratitude,

Anwen Cai Baumeister

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Hello dear hope that you're good and everything's goes great in your life. So this is a humble gift for you hope you accept it and like it.

Congratulations on your hard work. I wish you success with what you planned.

Wow, many many congratulations. Wish you all the luck and success. Following you to stay tuned for more..:-):-)

A very pleasant place, a good struggle so as to be able to buy a place full of enjoyment. When can I have it? it's very difficult for me to have a bar inside my own house when I want it. hi @anwenbaumeister, congratulations to enjoy on new place

Congratulation and a lot of success! WELL, your community looks already great!

Best wishes for your future visions.

Congratulations with the tea house.

Such incredible news and I’m so happy you were able to pursue such a cool dream of yours. I’m a big fan of kava in fact o just ordered some online. Where exactly is the well? In San Fran ? I believe your Aimee’s friend right ? She’s our mutual friend and she told me about you. Any way just popping in to say hey and congrats hopefully I can come visit your kava bar someday soon @anwenbaumeister

Still congrats for your dream now real =) As a tea lover i am gonna look for more infos on your website.

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What an amazing story, it never ceases to amaze me what crypto can do! Good luck with this new and exciting venture and I can't wait to see it grow!