Stewed rice with vegetables

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Hello, friends! Join my food master- class. Today we will cook delicious and fragrant rice with vegetables.


Surprisingly, when I cook - it's the perfect time for me to embark on a philosophy. Yes, you cut vegetables and talk about life, thoughts flow so smoothly and smoothly. When else to be sad or make an important decision, if not during onion slicing? Haha, don't worry, we will definitely cook this rice. But first a little of my discoveries, reflections and conclusions.


Over the past few days, I've been reading a book called the roads of destiny. Nothing fancy, just cute novels about how sometimes fate does its tricks. And that got me thinking. Does fate lead us in its own way, in which everything is predetermined, or the man himself is the Creator of his own destiny, do you think?

And here I see clearly one main word:


There is always a choice, there is always a question and an answer. Possibility to turn right or left. And often from little things, from this little decision, from our answer: Yes or no, from our choice depends so much.

Does this mean that all the same man decides his fate, making his choice. Or maybe his decision has long been made for him, and all the stars converge so that he took just such a decision and nothing else?
A million big and small accidents and a million options as everything could be, we take at some point another decision. But the question is, could we have done it differently then? Or everything goes as it should. Depends on whether in fact our choices from ourselves? Or are all these roads of fate prepared for us?

Maybe we are given only the illusion of the right to choose. Maybe this choice has already been made and written in black ink in the book of fate? Given example. One woman was in love with a man, but he didn't notice her at all. She was in despair and decided to forget it and move to another city. And here things are Packed, she's at the station. She's holding the ticket. And who do you think was her traveling companion? Exactly the man she's in love with. He also decided to leave his city. They were fellow travelers, two days on the train, talking alone about everything in the world, this is where they got to know each other and realized that they have a lot in common. After this trip they got married.

Maybe it's so, and maybe it's quite different. One thing's for sure: coincidences aren't coincidences.


On this topic we can argue endlessly. So many books have been written about it, so many movies are based on this story. But there is no exact answer. Everyone chooses the answer that he likes. Someone wants to feel the master of their life. And someone is inclined to trust fate. Well, we will start cooking rice with vegetables.



  • rice 200 g,
  • 200 g chicken fillet
  • carrots 1 piece,
  • onion-1 piece,
  • tomato 1 piece,
  • sweet Bulgarian pepper 2 pieces
  • garlic - few cloves
  • oil for frying
  • 300 ml of water
  • salt, spices, dill.



1. Chop the meat and fry it in oil.


2. Cut garlic, pepper and onion into large pieces. Add vegetables to the meat.



3. Cut the carrots and tomatoes. Add vegetables to the meat.



4. Add rice to vegetables and meat. Stir and pour in the water. Add salt and your favorite spices: turmeric, rosemary, ground pepper. Simmer the rice under the lid for 20 minutes. Sprinkle the finished dish with dill.



Bon appetit!


This is a hot and tasty dish that will warm you well on a gloomy autumn day. Especially tasty to cook it from a fresh crop from your garden. Thanks for coming. See you soon!




Cooking definitely is a great time to reflect, and yes, coincidences aren't mare coincidences at all, they were meant to happen. We can't really understand how life all works but we really don't have to understand it inorder to make the best out of it. We just have to LIVE! I would love to read that book.

This recipe is a really simple, easy to follow and not a time consuming one and definitely one bursting with flavors, I will prefer to live turmeric out of it though, because I am not a really big fan of it...

And, your photos are incredibly beautiful, I love them. I love the aesthetic of the background of your photos (the ones with the food cooked).

Thank you so much for coming in. I share your views. I also tend to think it's not a coincidence. Thank you for appreciating my photos, I am pleased with it.

They are way too beautiful not to be appreciated. Lol!

I used to do this dish but without pepper, carrot and tomato. That's a great idea I have to try this version as well! Congrats on the photos, are of the best quality!

Nice work.
Rice is my favorite dish

Thanks. Be sure to try this recipe.

Yup in my weekends when I get time, I will have to do

Hi anna-mi,

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Many thanks!!!

Hmm! Really, I am into your thoughts. I wonder too and true, one will go on wondering except one appreciates that "time and unforeseen occurrences" do shape man's life. May be this played a role in the lives of these two people. Get the veg rice done, I am already salivating!

You subtly noticed. Thank you for coming.

@anna-mi what do u mean by subtly noticed? Aww, so sorry for contributing to your piece! Sorry for trying to connect with you here! Trust apology is accepted.

I love how you combine storytelling with cooking. You're are right, there is always a choice. And your photos are stunning!

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked my post.

We usually do this kind of work while we think about other things, and it is curious that you mention it because it really seems that we abstract in "more important" things and it turns out that whoever is cooking is an empty shell while our mind is projected to higher planes . However, when the time comes, the good cook knows that he must return to his body - at least just in time so that he doesn't burn anything!
I'm not much of a cook, but when I do I feel like I'm the master and lord of taste (yes, I've just proclaimed myself), this particular recipe looks delicious -or you make it look delicious with those photos-, maybe one day I'll try it.

Thank you for your wonderful comment. I'm glad you stopped by.

Awesome job! I love your photos. :-D Keep it up

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Hi @anna-mi, I do believe we decided our own path but a bit of guidance from "Him" if we in a wrong path or need guidance. I like how you start your post. It really attracted me, maybe you should write more. The rice must be tasty after it absorb the gravy while you simmer the rice for 20 minutes. You gave me a new idea on how to stew rice. Will give it a try. May i know this ingredient roughly for how many persons?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think that these ingredients will make 6-8 servings.

It a big portion. Just curious, if i want to make it smaller like 4 persons. Does it mean that I just reduce your ingredients to half? If not I think i need to frozen the extra.

@ anna-mi if you have good thoughts I liked the part where the man himself is the creator of his own destiny and mela part of the coincidences is very sierro I liked a lot what you wrote I also congratulate you for the photos I was given water I would like to make this recipe, I will not go to google to cook, as I follow you best and I will make every recipe that you publish a lot of love and peace @neymarth10

Thank you for your wonderful comment. Have a nice day!

In our culture it is called as polau.

look better

Hello this is looking delicious i really like your photos they are beautiful

That looks so delicious and easy. I am not cooking much since I am in SE Asia where food is cheap and plentiful out on the street. But your post makes me crave boiled and flavored rice. Here is is plain if boiled and otherwise fried. I am just slightly tired of those two sides since one of them is at mostly every meal.

You take beautiful food shots :)

It looks very tasty!!! You wrote excellently your post, food and personal life a fantastic set, I loved your photographs, very colorful and with a lot of quality .. You explained your recipe very well for those who do not cook :) Thanks for that. Undoubtedly it is a recipe that I would like to put into practice, a big hug @anna-mi

Very well explained your post. The photos are beautiful.

Looks delicious 😃 😃

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Thank you @anna-mi for the recipe! Definitely will try. It looks really simple and tasty and fulfilling and healthy! It does cook like a stew except we add the rice in. And your photos are stunning. Such a pretty close-up of the ingredients cooking.

Maybe we are given only the illusion of the right to choose. Maybe this choice has already been made and written in black ink in the book of fate?

I do sometimes believe that our fate is written somewhere and our future has been drawn out, it is just a matter of time that we reach there. But yes, we are probably given the illusion of the right to choose but then again, we will never really know I think :)

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