FOODIE: Camera and Photo Editing App For Foodies

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As a foodies who always want to capture food, sometimes a natural phone camera isn't good enough to display satisfying results.

That's why it requires a photo editing application, especially for foodies that only rely on phone cameras.

I recommend "Foodie" application as a camera and photo editing app for your food that wants to look more appetizing.

Foodie bears similarities to VSCO and the basic editing tools on Instagram.

The following are some of the features of Foodie.


You can directly photograph your food using Foodie.


2.Editing Tools



You can consider choosing among the 30 filters available.


Below is a photo that I edited using Foodie.

The top is before editing, and the bottom is after editing.


Foodie is available for Android and iOS.


Hmm...the edited one looks warmer and more appetizing! Normally the logic is that warm colours will make something look like they taste better, so I think this is universally true even for this app...

Personally I don't always catch photos before eating, but it's always good to know that there's something to use when I have to!

If you like sharing restaurant review, you have to use this apps before submit food photography for review :)

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I use it, and I really love it, I think it is very good, especially when the problems to take good pictures are lighting. It's great!

Yeah, your food pictures will be better :)

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That's a nice app for quick editing on your phone. I rarely take photos with my phone but the app looks enjoyable and easy to use. I'll have a look. Thanks.

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