Steem Cooking Show: Reese's Chia Seed Pudding

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Hey Dtube & Steemit!

My name is Lydia,

I post new cooking recipe videos here on Steemit every other day. I hope to help inspire others to make homemade food. It's not as difficult as many would think and much more delicious than anything you would buy pre-made!

So if anyone watched my previous chia seed pudding video...It was a fail haha. But I'm happy with the way this one turned out. So I feel like I redeemed myself.

Reese’s Chia Seed Pudding

½ C Chia Seeds
2 C Unsweetened Almond Milk
¼ C Cocoa Powder
3 T maple syrup
1 ½ t vanilla (Divided)
2 Pinches of salt
2 T Peanut Butter (Best one you can get your hands on)

In a bowl, add 5 ½ T chia seeds, 1 1/3 C almond milk, cocoa powder, 1 ½ T maple syrup, 1 t vanilla, and 1 pinch of salt and whisk all of your ingredients together until everything is combined. Place your mixture in your refrigerator and always to chill.
In a new bowl, add 2 ½ T chia seeds, 2/3 C almond milk, peanut butter, 1 ½ T maple syrup, ½ t vanilla, pinch of salt and whisk all your ingredients are all combined. Place this bowl in the refrigerator also and chill. About 2-3 hours.
When both of your mixture are done chilling and the chia seeds have absorbed all the liquid you are ready to assemble. Layer however you like in a serving cup.


As always,

All things cooking…decentralized!

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Good job very good recipe friend thanks


Your welcome friend 😀

hey Lydia.........,
you always done great job from kitchen............. carry on
your videos make me happy.......


Glad to hear that make you happy 😁. And thanks for the complement!

I absolutely agree with you,that making homemade food is not difficult. The homemade food more delicious because we made it with love and happiness....not for money.


For sure. It's way better and you can control what goes into it. I'm all about homemade. Thanks for watching.

This looks good... I must try this :)


I hope you do!


I am sure... I try ... :) I hope there day good and not rainy :)

waoo...that's so nice post miss Lydia.... thanks for the recipe..


You're welcome! 😀

WOW, it's cool , Chia is good.


Absolutely! 😀


Thanks 007! Your right about that.

@alphasteem I love the intro with cut scenes from previous Shows! Honestly I only like chocolate pudding. I have been like that since I was a kid. I have tried others as I got older but I always go back to my all time favorite.


Thanks @the-puppet-patch once I get more clips I'll double it up and make it look even better...all in due time haha. Anything chocolate is a win, so I don't blame you there. 😀 Glad to see you posting more 👍

very interesting recipe! I haven't eaten chia seeds. I was at Costco yesterday and walked down the aisle that had massive containers of them, and other healthy seeds. Might have to try them out sometime. :)


Yeah I fell in love with them a while back and they have many nutritional benefits so its a win win for sure, I love the texture once they inflate, kind of like mini bobas haha.


Very cool! Yes I will definitely need to try them. :) Nice new profile pic!

Nice recipe. Not particularly familiar with chia seeds. Great work done in putting this together and sustaining the energy. Thanks for sharing.


hey @starkemmy. Thanks appreciate it. I have seen some of your videos, you give some great advice. Hope to see some cooking vids from you in the future! (if thats your thing) haha. Thanks for watching.


One this platform, you are the grandmaster of cooking videos. It's not my niche but I believe it's worth trying at least once. Your videos may actually be inspiring me. Thanks


Thanks! It sure is!

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We love chia pudding! What a great recipe! The kids will definitely love this! Love the layers!


Yeah, I really liked this one too it's a great recipe, it came out good 😀

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New profile picture ROCKS!!!!!


I would say likewise, but I'm not sure what yours is...You need some gold on there ASAP. 😁


Lol!!! Ill DM you the photo so you can see it up close :)

how did it taste?
Tell me frankly ??
and please share mango recipe too ?
and what about your garden tomatoes ? are they good now ?


Frankly, this was very good 😀 for me at least...everyone has their own taste though. Any Mango recipe is at least a month away lol...sorry I'm booked. Tomatoes are doing ok...still not too happy with them we'll see in another week or so. Thanks for stopping by!


Okay no problem @alphasteem....
i will definitely wait for it :D

home made food is always good for health. i also like to cooking .

I will try a cooking video like you some day! But I am sure mine will be a disaster! haha.. maybe I will take one your featured food items.. and see if I can emulate it with a shout out to you of course! That would be in the fall when I am stuck inside =)
I am not a huge pudding fan.. but I have seen many delish items on your channel! Keep em' coming lovely! @alphasteem


Of course that would be cool to see! Don't worry thats what editing is for, otherwise all my videos would be a disaster lol. Just keep doing what you do and the rest will come together your doing great 😉 Thanks for stopping by kawaii!

preety chef