Is This The Best Burger in LA?! 🍔🌴

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I think I may have just found the BEST burgers in LA! Now, I'm not saying I've been to every burger joint here, in fact, I was actually going to try out a different burger spot in Santa Monica. The plan was to grab burgers and enjoy the beach on Memorial Day. It didn't end up happening since we got out of the house rather late and the Uber to the beach was 20 bucks for the holiday. So instead we settled on The Golden State which was only a mile away.

We decided to walk there since it was a beautiful day, the sun was finally out after a week of cloudy skies. I guess it got the news that it's the first day of summer! Located just two blocks from the Grove, The Golden State is quite easy to miss. The restaurant is hidden behind dark tinted windows with a small golden vinyl sign stickered to one of them.


(hmm...idunno maybe buy STEEM?😉)

Walking in I noticed that the place was rather small, dimly lit and decorated with the typical hipster decor (blackboards, brick walls, framed caricatures of famous individuals, wood and dark metal accents.) The restaurant is actually known for their great selection of local draft beers, as the owners who founded it were looking to create something that highlighted all the great things about Los Angeles. I'll be honest I was tempted to try their beer selection but it was the middle of the day so I passed. On their website, they even mention how all their ingredients are locally sourced which really was what won me over when choosing a restaurant.





Their menu has a great variety of comfort foods from hot dogs to burgers to beer floats. But we came here for burgers so we got burgers. Lucky for us the Monday special was the "Classic Burger" so Rob ordered one of those with a side of fries and I got their "The Burger" with a side of sweet potato wedges. And let me tell you that was definitely THE BURGER.


The Burger blew my mind. It was honestly one of the best burgers I've ever eaten. So here are the deets. From the first bite, I noticed that the beef was so incredibly tender. I asked for it to be cooked medium rare and honestly, I expected it to be overcooked because that's just usually what happens. But the meat was perfectly grilled, juicy, tender and melted in your mouth. I was happily surprised because the burger on paper seemed like a pretty simple burger. It's a beef patty with cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, arugula, aioli, and ketchup. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've had this exact burger with these exact ingredients before at other restaurants.

But this burger was different and I just pinpoint exactly why. The ingredients worked well together, the arugula tasted fresh and didn't get lost in all that meat and cheese. The bacon wasn't obnoxious in the way that all you could taste was crunchy overly smoked bacon. It actually complimented the beef well and didn't try to steal the show like most bacon on burgers do. And lastly, the burger didn't fall apart! I hate hate hate burgers that fall apart and by the end, you feel like a barbarian with burger droppings everywhere. The burger held on to the last bite and each bite was perfect with just the right ratio of ingredients. You probably can tell I was impressed, just writing this now makes me want more!



Now to the CLSC Burger. This burger was absolutely delicious! Both Rob and I agreed that The Burger was better, but that's not a knock on the chef but rather just a preference thing. The CLSC Burger was topped with provolone cheese, applewood smoked bacon, house beer-battered onion ring, and Bludso's BBQ sauce. Who is Bludso? Yea I have no idea, but he knows how to do BBQ sauce!

The beef patty on the CLSC was just as juicy and tender and perfect as The Burger's. The ingredients all held up well and impressively for a BBQ burger, it was mess free! Again it DIDN'T fall apart! If I could, I would reward the genius behind the grill who managed to make a BBQ burger that didn't fall into a wet mess after one bite. The only gripe I had with this burger was that the sauce was a tad overpowering to the point where I couldn't taste the natural flavors of the beef. But the sauce was tangy sweet and delicious so I can't complain. Instead, the bacon was the star of this show. And the beer-battered onion ring was the fan favorite comedic relief. Would I recommend this burger? Hell yes! Especially to the BBQ sauce lovers out there.

(sorry this flat lay shot is kind of crap 🙈)

Now to the sides. The french fries were crispy, salty, with a dash of parsley, perfect! The sweet potato wedges were soft, sweet and salty, caramelized to the point of oozing inside, amazing! There's nothing more I can say. Both were great with the side of garlic aioli.

The real surprise of the meal, however, was the House Minted Lemonade. It was such a refreshing little drink and incredibly minty. I loved how it paired with the burgers. Burgers are delicious but always greasy and tend to leave your mouth with an oily aftertaste. The mint from the lemonade cleansed my palate between bites and refreshed my taste buds. This helped make every bite of my burger as good as the first.

Now at this point you already know I loved this meal and would give The Golden State five out of five stars. The real question is "When is the next time I'll be back??" Hopefully very soon! 😋

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Memorial Day lunch and that next time you come to LA you'll have a go-to burger place in mind. Let me know what your favorite comfort food is in the comments below! Do you love burgers as much as I do? Or maybe you prefer something healthier? I can't wait to hear all about it!

Happy eating! :)

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"People who love to eat are always the best people."

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Aw man here we go again!!
these photos are starting to make me fat for REALZ!
Stapppettt! just kidding keep em coming :D


Hahah sorry! Can't stop me even if you tried! 😉


well true that. keep it going.
at least my eyes get full! haha :D


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That looks delicious


This fauvorite food


It's great if you know how to bake bread yourself. Try to bake bread from wholemeal. Even better, if your bread is with bran and whole grains. When buying ready-made bread - also give up white bread, now a large selection of more useful.

Beautiful .. really looks delicious
Wonderful creativity from you, thank you for the recipe
Thanks for sharing..

Looks amazing! When we were living in Vegas, there where so many great burger joints on the strip. Hole steins was amazing, now I want a burger!

Gran post

Nice food photography
Check out my expression on how to steem high

Now i got to go and drive down and try this place... Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Its delicious!!!

@allsthefoods upvoted and follow for the good content, hope to see similar great content in future and indeed Burger looks delicious apart from that resturanet has good interior !


Thank you! I will do my best to continue sharing my food adventures with Steemit! 😋

Its different and that make it unique

Thank you for uploading a lot of my favorite foods. Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

wooww, it looks really good friend. it includes one of the foods that I like, the food is here in addition to youthful also found my friend.

i want to eat it

Wow those burgers look breath taking lol. I’ll have to visit this place next time I’m in Cali. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you! I'd love to hear your experience there if you do! :)

I really liked your explanation, haha a little fun to know about food because I get a little hungry, excellent I liked a lot.

I do love burgers, wish to come there.

I do love burgers, wish to come there.

I like it I am hungrry , hungrry, hungrry pleas give me !!!!!

I like it I am hungrry , hungrry, hungrry pleas give me !!!!!

OMG that seems soooo delicious that I'm hungry again!!! (And I just have dinner) but that burger seeeeemmmmsss sooo tastyyy!! I'm going to tag my boyfriend here to make him understand we have to go to eat a burger like this soon... @gabrieloob HAHAHA


hahaha Steemit is becoming like facebook where soon we'll just be tagging each other on posts with no captions needed. 😂 I hope you do get to eat some delicious burgers soon @grabrieloob get on it! 👍

Awe man you made me hungry again

lol never the less, you have my upvote :)

It looks delicious! I immediately wanted to eat

Soo yummy 😍 makes my tummy sooooo hungry 😊

I get hungry. Very nice Burger. yummy yummy

Let me at it ...hmmmm..yummmmyy..i think it might just be..i think this bite has made my day.

"That is a tasty Burger" - Pulp Fiction

This looks Delicious!

That looks so delicious!!

It's delicious even in picture. How much more if I could taste it oneday.

It's delicious even in picture. How much more if I could taste it oneday.

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I really really wanna go to LA. I remember that Gordon Ramsay has a Burger store there (#GordonRamsayBurger). My bro said that you can try cheap (~reasonable price) food in LA (especially in the Casino) =)))))


His restaurant is actually in Las Vegas! But you should definitely come to LA too! :)

Now I'm hungry, lol. That burguer looks delicious!


hahahaha funny

Sorry @allsthefoods but I have to wholeheartedly disagree with you here. The best burgers in LA are at In-N-Out Burger, no contest. In-N-Out Burger is a place that even famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay love to eat at when they're in town and they're the king of freshly made food (including fries). The burger you had looks great, but In-N-Out Burger is the king and they have yet to be unseated by anyone else (and people have tried).


Haha sorry, but I'll have to sincerely disagree with that. In-N-Out does not live up to the hype at all. The first thing I did when I landed in LA was go grab an In-N-Out burger, both my boyfriend and I were gravely disappointed. 😕 After a long six-hour flight we thought anything would taste good but I'm sorry to say that Shake Shack is much much better (And yes they finally have one in LA now)! I've yet to go back but on your account, I will give it another shot! 😉

Can I have a bite?


I wish you could! 😋🍔



Nice click of delicious foods.

Thanks for sharing on steemit platform.

Food is important, whether it is poor or rich ....

Hola @allsthefoods
Después de ver lo que presentas y haber leído tu artículo creo que definitivamente tienen las mejores hamburguesas.
Ahhhhhh yo en lo particular la acompañaría con un buena cerveza. Ahhhhh pero POLAR. jijijijiji
Saludos y Gracias por el artículo

ur detail to detail commentary is really making my mouth water, i wonder when will i ever reach there to taste this divine looking burger, i love burgers and a true burger is ofcourse one that doesnt fall apart , how i hate it when everything slips and falls onto the plate and becomes messy, thats the worst part of eating a burger, the cheese that looks like it can just melt and float in ur mouth m the yummy looking patty and is that chicken in the second burger? just divine , how i wish i could have a bite , maybe u can do a transfer from ur belly to mine XD

this post is just filling me with the need to have a burger i should have one soon <3

Se ve que es la mejor

We have the best burgers in Florida.

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I've heard that Florida has some great food too! 😋


Actually I never go out to eat at the restaurants that are of the chain variety. I can buy frozen foods of my own liking and make them inside my own oven.

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It's gonna be added on my itinerary next week when I stop by in Cali! Man that makes you mouth water just by the pictures alone!


That's awesome! I hope you like it as much as I did :)

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Loved the article. I will not lie, I became hungry after reading this article.
my comfort food is mainly meat in all of the forms. and with that love I have changed my way of life to the primal diet (I'm not saying you need to do also :)). looking forward on your next food challenge.

yummy yyyyyyy veri yummy

It looks very delicious! I prefer local one to chain ones.

This looks delicious even without tasting it. I wish I can take a bite from this picture that I am seeing.

I've had it, don't remember it much.
You have to try Mo Better Burger on La Brea! It's soooooooo heaven!


I will! Thanks for the suggestion!! :D

Terlihat lezat, ingin sekali menikmatinya bukan di kota LA tapi Indonesia.

Feeling hungry now!!

Great food!

any delicious dessert?


I'll get right on that! Thanks for the excuse to get some dessert 😉

Making me hungry..❤️

Is This The Best Burger in LA?! 🍔🌴 This post has been resteemed by the @resteemmuse!

Send one burger to me . Otherwise be ready for Downvote nd i'll report your profile too :p Just Kidding

I am so much love burgers...burgers blew my's looks delicious

¡woow! se ven super deliciosas y el lugar esta increíble.

mmmm, i have a hungry :-)

Omg im hungry now can u give me some of these?

My mouth turned to water ... It looks delicious

I need to try!

ughhh, they all look so good. i agree with that quote at the end there, hahah. i wish i had all of that in front me right now :D

excellent presentation. just to see the image causes eating

Ur food pics are so nice ! Can i know which app you use to edit them? And which camera or phone u use to take all these pics? 😍

turkish meatballs


I want to eat it all

Its mouth watering... let me print Ctrl+P and eat :) :)

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Wao this is nice am already salivating,i wish I could have one of these now
thanks for sharing
I made a post about food on my blog and I think you should like it

mmm....yummy. I want it.

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Waoh. What a nutritional meal

Looks so good!

Love burgers.
I even make some great at home.

Looks delicious! I love a burger with applewood bacon, carmalized onions, bbq sauce, it all sounds good !

you guys are making me hungry D;

very delicious have a great day 😱😱😱😍😍😱😱

Looks very very good!
I would like to go there one day