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This delicious, creamy pork stroganoff with mushrooms will become your go to dish every time you want something easy and yummy for dinner. This delicious Easy Pork Stroganoff is bursting with flavour, but is simple to make and only takes 30 minutes, meaning it is perfect for a busy weeknight. It is very quick to prepare and tastes absolutely heavenly! It is cooked in one pot and is best served with rice on the side, or pasta.

This recipe makes 6 portions roughly.

1 kg of pork shoulder/loins (or any other part that you like)

250 gr of mushrooms

200 gr of sour cream

200 gr of double cream

2-3 large onions

Pinch of salt

Pinch of pepper

Garlic powder (optional)


Step 1 : Chop onions finely and then chop up mushrooms and finally cut the pork into thin slices. It is best if you tenderise the pork, by placing in in plastic bag and hitting with a rolling pin on both sides, this will make it much softer.

Step 2 : In a deep pot, add oil and butter if you wish, then add pork and cook for 5 min. Then add onions, and fry for 10 min until slightly softened. Add salt and pepper and lastly add mushrooms and cook for further 10 min, until liquid evaporates.

Step 3 : Then add sour cream and double cream, mix it through. You can add other spices such as mustard, horseradish or paprika. Then cook this for another 10 min and its done! You want to have a lot of sauce to pour over the rice or pasta.

Step 4 : Enjoy hot!

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This looks good...I must try this food. I just was think what new I can try do. 😋😋👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Wow! I really dreamt of tasting delicacies from around the world!