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How to make lemon souffle at home. This is a really easy lemon souffle recipe. Make this sweet and citrusy lemon soufflés for dessert. These individual souffles are easier to make than you might think. To help them rise properly, use upward brush strokes to butter the dishes. A classic lemon dessert! This is an old fashioned way of making them, egg whites are whipped until fluffy, then mixed with fresh lemon rind and lemon juice in this heavenly dessert. Decorate with icing sugar before serving. This makes from 6-8 desserts, depending on your ramekins!


4 eggs separated 

1 large lemon, zested and juiced

50 gr of unsalted butter OR 1/4 cup

50 gr of flour OR 1/3 cup

250 ml of milk OR 1 cup 

70 gr castor sugar OR 1/2 cup

Half of vanilla bean - can replace with vanilla extract


Step 1 : Preheat your oven to 180C /350 F. 

Step 2: Separate your egg whites from egg yolks into different bowls. 

Step 3 : Mix your flour and butter by hands to form a thick paste, then separate the paste into rough small pieces 

Step 4 : Place your milk with half of vanilla bean seeds into a pan and heat until it reaches boiling point, then turn down the heat. 

Step 5: Start dropping your butter-flour paste into the hot milk and whisk quickly, making sure there are no lumps. Repeat until your mixture thickens up and falls of the spoon. 

Step 6 : Add some lemon juice and zest into the mixture and mix well. Leave the mixture to cool down for 5 minutes. 

Step 7 : Add egg yolks one at a time and mix in quickly into the cooled mixture.

Step 8 : Whisk your egg whites and sugar in a separate bowl.Make sure your bowl is clean and free of fat. 

Step 9 : Mix your egg whites with the mixture slowly and gently. You don't want to knock out too much air. Once its all mixed in place the mixture into a large piping bag. 

Step 10 : Get your prepared ramekins - they should be buttered and then coated with sugar before you put the mixture in. Fill your ramekins 2/3 of the way, leaving the space for them to rise. 

Step 11 : Place hot boiling water into the baking dish and place straight into the oven to bake for 20-25 min until golden and risen in size. Sprinkle some icing sugar.

Step 12 : Serve immediately and enjoy straight away, as they do tend to go down very quickly. 

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Hey allas, good to see you .These one seems excellent recipe and seems so tasty.I am gonna try it surely.Thanks for sharing such a sweet recipe with us.


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Here's a banana! banana-small.png

This looks mouth watering, i am salivating already for a taste. I should give it a trial. Thank you.


heheh thanks so much :)

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wow 🥧what a delicious souffle recipe😊


heheh thanks so much :)

Wow! Wow! I love it!!!! Yeahhhhhh


Wow! This really looks fluffy!!!


heheh thanks so much :)

Heyyyyyy Alla! It's so nice your sweet self is back from hopefully some refreshing time away 💚💙💛💜💖 i missed your presence & am glad you're back. Your recipies are inspiring & your posts are so PRO. Have a fantastic day!


heheh thanks so much :) glad to see you too!!!

Nice it looks so good and not too hard to make with the lot of preparation