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Hello, Steemians! Since it's the weekend, I thought it only apt to share a post about a very weekendy food. The humble hotdog! For me, hotdogs conjure up memories from my childhood, spilling mustard and tomato sauce down my school sports shirt, after a derby day or sitting poolside with my family in the summer, eating freshly barbecued hoddogs (some lovely South African English for you there. 🤪



The History of the Hotdog

So to kick things off, I thought I would explore the history of the hotdog. Hotdogs are intrinsically American, right? Well, they might be now, but, how did they get to the good old U. S. of A?

When you think sausage, do you think Germany? I know I do. In the 1840's there was mass immigration of Germans due to the 1848 revolution, and many Germans made America their new home.



These immigrants brought with them one key ingredient to the hotdog, the Frankfurter! Grilled sausages became regular street fare in the streets of America. BUT, in 1880, a sausage vendor in St. Louis who was in the business of giving white gloves to his patrons with the hotdogs, ran out of his gloves, and started serving the sausages in white bread rolls, and thus, through this happy accident, the now iconic hotdog was born!



Fun Facts About Hotdogs

Hotdogs have been so ingrained in American culture that there have been exhibitions and entire expositions dedicated to the humble 'dog. In 2017 the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration even held a month long exhibition exploring the history of immigrants to the US and their connection to the hotdog.

Did You Know:

  • American's consume about 7 billion hot dogs, during peak grilling season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, which equates to 818n hotdogs a second. DANGGGG!
  • The city that consumes the most hotdogs in the entire USA is Los Angeles, with their yearly intake being approximately 31 million lbs, or 14 million kgs. DANGGG!
  • On average, a vendor at a baseball game will sell about 150 hot dogs per game and around 12,000 hot dogs per season. DANGGG! That's a lot of hotdogs


A Hotdog in London- Source

The Hotdog Goes International

While you cannot say "hotdog" without thinking of an American hotdog cart, other cultures around the world have adapted this iconic meal into their own daily diets. Here are a few examples :


That hot dog from Chile looks pretty amazing to me!


I hope you have enjoyed these fun facts and our short trip around the world! I'd love to hear how you like your hot dogs, and if there is a specific way they are eaten in your country?


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Interesting to see how different places do there hot dogs 🌭.

In Southern Alberta Canada we serve hot dogs in many different ways.
Hot dog bun and toppings vary depending on what you like.
Cheese, onions, green relish, mustard,ketchup, chili, hot peppers, sauerkraut, pickles just depends what you like on a hotdog.

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absolutely, so interesting!

Your hotdogs sound great x

First things first! Note that the name is HOT DOG. Not hot cat or hot kitty, hot dog. Just sayin'

Well, it's not a trip to the ballpark without a 'dog. Any ballpark.

At WSU football games you know you are into the good stuff when they turn from pink to grey. Hot dogs age like fine wine. Who knew?

I love beef brats wrapped in a tortilla. It's so easy to put all the stuff you want in there and keep it in place.

I love pigs in a blanket. Hot dogs baked in dough. Mix up a little super secret sauce for dipping and it's a meal to behold.

My alltime favorite is the Coney Dog at the Pioneer Casino in Laughlin, Nevada. It's a foot long buffalo dog smothered in chili and onions and cheese. It's a snack bar staple and you get it for around $3.00. I'm a big boy and a bigger eater and one of those will just plain finish me.

Thanks for a great article!


lol. Yes, doggy point taken. Dogs rule the world... or so cats may let them think 😜

I think I like this tortilla idea, I'm thinking a mexican style favouring, guac and sour cream, with a proper beef sausage. YUM.

Also pigs in a blanket are great, we make them with good mustard and some chilli.

We just gotta come eat America!

I grew up in a communist country, Romania. Hot dog was regarded as a symbol of capitalism and so ... there was not.
Instead, I have always been intrigued by the name of this sausage ...
After the communism has been removed, all the forbidden things have gone through. For a while I was a hot dog fan. I think the lack of tradition has made us not have the tastiest variants.


Hot dog was regarded as a symbol of capitalism



Maybe it laughs for those who have not known the "rigors" of a totalitarian regime. Whatever was produced in the West (I'm talking about East Europe) was not accepted.
I probably didn't express myself correctly when I said "symbol", it wasn't a product of Coca-Cola; McDonalds or Levi's ...

A very delightful post, @princessmewmew. I must admit that I'm not very much given to fast food, as they call it around here. But there's no doubt that the variety of "hot dogs" you present is very attractive.
I have an anecdote about "hot dogs". Being a hard vegetarian, in my youth, when I was at school and hadn't brought food, I was forced to buy food that was offered nearby. My friends took advantage, as I ordered bread only with vegetables, and they kept the sausage.
Today I am not so closed, and I could enjoy one of those options that you publish. Greetings.

What a great post! I never knew there were so many hot dog versions around the world. I have to say I just can't eat I'm sure some are healthier than others! The deep fried french fry version certainly looks like an interesting dish to make doesn't it? Love it!

It's good to read your food posts again, @princess! I already missed them. I love hot dogs. And I have in my memory memories of when I was young and could eat lots. I remember one time we had a competition to see who ate the most hot dogs and that competition was won by a friend who was super skinny. My nephews and nieces love it, so I can make some for them on a Sunday when they come home. Sausages are very expensive here, so we can't afford to eat much. I usually use double sausage, all the sauces, potatoes, onions, carrots and cabbage. All fried, grated and caramelized. I particularly like mustard prepared with honey and spice! It's a delight. I think there are foods that are international and can be found anywhere in the world: a hot dog is part of world gastronomy. LOL :). Thank you for such a good post.

I grew up eating hotdogs and like you,I do have a lot of fond memories including experimenting with different ingredients to go with my hotdog sandwich like mayo, cheese(white, cheddar, pamesan, etc) a bit of chili and some salsa.

thats a lot of hotdogs )))). Not very healthy food but very tasty. who doesn't like hotdogs???

Should not have read this post- now I'm hungry

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I still think hot dogs are best enjoyed without catsup

I think I'm in for some Coney tonight

I wanna try the Tijuana now!

Great post.

long time not reading your posts. and this time you present delicious food, hot dog. As a person who is too traditional as a child I don't know what hot dogs are food. Because the name uses the word hot and dog. It occurred to me that this food for dogs or even food made from dogs. Then when I invited adults and in Indonesia began to spread hot dogs, then finally I found out that it was a yummy food. Even you describe it in various perspectives so that we know more.
Thank you @princessmewmew
Thank you @adsactly
Thank you Steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

My favourite hotdogs

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I usually eat hot dogs when I'm not in the house and very seldom I eat them. When the children buy them, I also eat hoping to be like them lol
I guess you haven't mentioned why they're called hot dogs?