🍔 My First Food Commercial! - DTUBE VLOG!

in food •  5 months ago

What is up guys !
I thought I would share a fun experience with you all! This week I was invited to participate in a food commercial for a local restaurant in my area!! I have never done anything like this before!

Basically we got filmed eating their food!!
It was a neat experience because it allowed me to get a little more insight into marketing and advertising.

Check out my experience in my @DTUBE VLOG!



snap (80).jpg

Thanks so much for watching and all your support!!
Thanks for letting me share my passion with all of you guys! 😉👍
Have a wonderful day!!


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What a cool experience! That doesn't look like a bad gig at all. YUM!


It was super fun. I hope I get to do it agian ! 😉

I think this is the beginning of your career in product endorsements. hehe. For sure you have fun doing it especially those free foods! I envy you. haha
Have a good one! Cheers! :)


Mayybe! It would be fun to get more into this type of stuff!! Hmmm
Thanks for the nice comment! 😁

Cool video bro! Good to see you back sharing content in DTube!


Thanks man!! I am super grateful for the support dtube has has been giving

Awesome!! Such a fun thing to do 😎


It sure was!!😉👍

Wao realmente la comida se ve muy deliciosa y pasaron un momento increíblemente divertido

Awsome video and boss very good in food life,
Good food and good health.Thank you for a sharing this post @acromott


Thanks for watching 😁👍

Nice vedio..will follow and like your all vedios




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Thank you for posting well, I read and liked your writing

I hope you like it. Thanks


Did you watch the video?


Right, I see it. You are great at #steemSTEM

i wish i can eat this food ist m sure will be yummy and indeed this made me also to learn about blogs on food as well