My Favorite Breakfast Spot in Chiang Mai!

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The food in Chiang Mai is so delicious! On almost every corner of Old City Chiang Mai you can find somewhere to eat. If you spend a lot of time in Thailand you might need a break from eating Thai food for every meal. In Chiang Mai you can find a wide variety of cuisine from all over the world. Expats come to set up shop in Chiang Mai to share their favorite dishes with the travels and Thai locals.

Three years ago I visited Chiang Mai and I found my favorite breakfast spot, Overstand! When I was visiting Chiang Mai in the past, I stayed at a hostel next to this place and would come almost every morning for their food and coffee.
I was super excited to see that they are still in business after over three year from when I last visited Thailand!


This cool little cafe is cozy and has really good wifi. Perfect for working on Steemit posts! 😉


They have great coffee drinks here. I love their black coffee. You will find a lot of places serving instant coffee in Thailand, so it is always nice when you find a place with a good cup of coffee.


I ended up getting what I use to get three years ago when I would come here. Egg and bacon breakfast sandwich! YUM YUM!


@karensuestudios ended up getting a chicken mushroom pizza. Who doesn't love a good pizza?!




I also like their moto in their logo. "No progress without struggle". Reminds me that you must challenge and push yourself to improve and achieve your goals.


If you visit Chiang Mai and want to get a great breakfast, I definitly recommed this place!
There is so much great places to eat in Chiang Mai. If you have been to Chiang Mai, please share your favorite place to eat.

I am now in Pai! I will be here for a few days before heading to Southrn Thailand!

Thanks for letting me share my Thailand adventure with you all!
Have an awesome day!!!

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I'm happy to see you enjoy Chiang Mai.. And that your favorite spot still going good... Enjoy the food in the land of smile 😊 Kap bro 🙏enjoy your holiday time 👍


Yeah I freakin love it here.


Yes Chiang Mai is a beautiful and peaceful place.. On my way to Bkk now.. Have fun bro 🌟✌️

I'm happy to see this post sharing your visit here in Thailand and you are right food are very good... what I like most are seafoods and their fruits...
I've never been in Chiang mai I'm here in Pattaya...

Sawadee ka! khob khun ka!

have a nice day!


Oh very cool. How long have you lived in pattaya ?


I've been here for almost 5 months... and I enjoyed a lot and I've been in different beautiful places here...

I like Koh larn beach here ... have you been there?

But what I want to experience is to visit Phuket, lot of my friends told me to go there but hardly having time for now...

How about you? how long have you been in Thailand?



hey @ttenaj2018.we miss u. I wanna visit Pattaya soon and of course I wanna see the beautiful Phuket Island. Hi @acromott It was nice reading your post, it's very interesting! Thai food is my favorite...


@keensleigh , I 'd be glad if you could come here and please bring your family you can stay in our house...

when you got here we can go together in Phuket... I have a friend who work there... just let me know when...


Look forward bro, i will be in Thailand in March and I will definitely try there.. I hope it will be close to where I reside


Very awesome. Thailand is a great place you are going to love it

I live and work in Phuket for almost 6 years now, and had my Chang Mai trip November last year. I could really say the food and beer is cheaper in Chang Mai. The weather is very nice too up the mountains. Looking forward to my next trip back. Thanks for sharing.


Oh awesome! We are coming down to krabi in a few days and will be checking out some of the islands. I am really looking forward to it


Krabi is also nice. There’s plenty of hot springs nearby and the beaches are amazing.

It looks delicious :) Thanks for introducing nice place. I've upvoted and follow you!!!

The place, the food and the people are just perfect reason to visit this place. Thanks a lot for sharing. Gonna visit Thailand soon...

It's a great place and the food looks super delicious

Excellent friend looks very delicious and nutritious that food thank you for sharing such a fantastic post greetings

Excellent friend looks very delicious and nutritious that food thank you for sharing such a fantastic post greetings

Man that looks delicious!

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Looks delicious 😋

thanks ^^ upvoted!

thanks. have a nice day

when i see the foods, i feel starving

Looks incredibly comfy. I'm actually jealous - one of my friends is traveling to Thailand as we speak and trying out local foods as well, and he's loving it. Would love to do the same. Followed you, looking forward to more foody goodness :)

Chiang Mai is a nice place to go :) And I think everyone loves Thai cuisine so much as well! Thanks for showing us around there. I am soooo hungry after reading your post and pictures :D

I was just there 2 weeks ago!

Man, Kao Soi Nimman... that place is the bomb.

Nice. I saw those motorbikes. Do most people get around that way? Enjoy yourself! Joy