Cooking Class in Chiang Mai! Now I know how to make Thai food!!

in food •  9 months ago

There are so many things to see and do in Chiang Mai! The Thai people are very friendly and accommodating toward the tourist, which makes it very easy to travel and have fun in Thailand. There are many tour and activities that you can do here. Yesterday we went zip lining and today we did a Thai food cooking class tour.
After setting up the date of the tour, you get picked up on the schedualed date and brought to the location where the event is held. This is awesome because you don't have to worry about getting lost trying to find the location.




The Thai Food Cooking Class included a tour of Thai food markets, the farms organic garden, and a "how to" of 5 different Thai food meals. We learned how to make curry paste, curry dishes, salads and deserts! I love eating Thai food and I am very excited that I now know how to make these awesome dishes at home!

Check out my @dtube video to see a sneak peak of our cooking class.


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So you learned making Curry, welcome to the Asia:)
In my country most of us are Curry(Chicken) lovers.


Yeah I love currys and rice! So good! :)


Me too:)

thanks for sharing this amazing moment

this is delicious food..i like this food..

That is brilliant experience my friend.Great post, too... Have a happy @funworlding.

I'll be checking out the linked video. This looks too cool. Thanks for sharing :)

The chef 🥗🍝🎯Thai food is ok nothing more to be honest to you... Haha

so sweet food, beautiful travel, great fun, thanks for sharing

esa comida se ve ligera!! quisiera aprende a preparar comida tailandesa!

That’s awesome dude! 😎🤙


Thanks! :)


I LOVE Thai food, incredible to be able to enjoy it in that way!

hey dear @acromott
how are you
looks yummy and healthy
thank you for sharing with us

i like it ;) thank you for sharing !

Thanks for the important info 👍

acromott it's great that you are enjoying your stay in Thailand by doing acroyoga and cooking thai food. Curry is the most common dishes. All the best for your remaining tour

Actually i really love cooking i always want to do it and do it great and i would love to learn to make thai food i tried making curry once i messed up

Hey! I'm actually in Chiang Mai traveling also!! I'm here for couple of weeks! If you're around, let's have a dtube meet up :)