Zip Lining in Thailand! EPIC ADVENTURES!

in travel •  10 months ago

^click to watch on DTUBE!

Today I got to Zip Line in Chiang Mai! This was a super excited adventure and I wanted to bring you all a long!
Check out my newest @dtube video!

Today is Day 2 in Thailand and @karensuestudos , @threebagsfull and I signed up for a day of fun. The tour we went on had over 35 zip lines and obstacles to do. The Thai guys that lead us on this adventure were so much fun. After the tour of all the zip lines they even served use a lunch buffet!
Thailand is so awesome!


Tomorrow we have more adventures to come!
Stay tunned!

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At 3:35 that guy went upside down ? My goodness ..Lol
Some of the shots pretty impressive .. and it's really colorful to watch..Which software are you using to edit ?


Yeah that was my favorite shot.
I have been using Adobe premiere


I see you're enjoying Thailand, make a spectacle for Steemit


Yeah Thailand is sooo amazing!

The north is great Chiang Mai gets no rain now.


The weather is so nice!


That's what I remember.

that was fucking epiccc c as fuck man!!!! I cannot wait to get out to you crazissss lol

Lovely photo,i see you are having so much fun

travel is my best are great acromott of luck..

Chiang Mai is a beautiful place of Thailand


It sure is!

hope you are enjoying there thanks for sharing this with us

Loved the penguin like entry of Karen:) @karensuestudios so awesome.
Thailand is indeed beautiful.
Very nice camera work @acromott

Wow!!! This is soooo cool!

This is very cool, man, I gotta try it. Missing you guys, hope you are having a blast.

Those action shots are great. Keep us posted with your posts! Lol

Never been Zip Lining but videos like this makes me wanna try it. Cool stuff