True story :)

ha ha so funny

THANK YOU!!! Where exactly is the "applause" button? Would love to press it now!!! Resteemed instead :)

It is actually 2 buttons:

  2. UPVOTE :-P

Hehe, found'em 😄✌️

of course you did! :-)
... and now upvote AND FOLLOW ME
... oh, wait :-D

Make one for "upvote for upvote" :) Can I use it as a footnote?

Follow the leader!

This whole "follow me since I follow you" thing is getting a little out of hand. Post good content and people will want to see more. It really is that simple.

What exactly happens to someone when they are flagged?

Flagged Just to find out....

Kidding of course lol

The reward and reputation gets reduced based on the amount of STEEM POWER that's assigned to the flag.

seriously, there should be a bot that scans blog with the text "follow me" and automatically flag them

I think that is going a little too far. Think about all of the other non-malicious scenarios in which the word "follow" is followed by the word "me". It would simply be too much. I think that self policing is the way to go and honestly the folks who are pushing for the "follow me because I follow you" will die off as people see through their veils .

I know, I know, I was just making a joke :)

You didn't ask me to follow you so I had no idea it was sarcasm :P


I know you're just kidding, but just saying - I think it's ok to write something like "Please follow me if you like my content" at the end of your article. It doesn't imply that you're into that follow4follow thing.

But agreed - commenting each and every one post with "pls follow me" is too much :)

I am with you 100%

and you'll follow back>?

Yes, but its not too distant from the standard "Please subscriibe and like" on YouTube for example

There's a big difference between someone putting out a post and saying to follow them if you like their content and the ones who just spam things like, "please follow me, I followed you" in comment sections. Its even more transparent when you look and see that they didn't even upvote the original post. It seems the general community consensus is that the first is fine while the latter is frowned upon.

This is so true.

I use to see this:

"Great post. I upvote and followed.
Now you follow back"

Ok.. Here is you upvote

This is great

Bahahah! didnt even flinch!

We all love Brian, but I was shocked to see that this comic got more up votes than the previous "Stairway to Heaven" comic. Guys, have you seen that comic and the comments? I was laughing so hard that I started to cry.

Sad but true :(

I can picture some of these people looking like this behind their screen . . haha

hahaha.. funny

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I know you are joking, but I kinda think this could work, or at the squeeze a few extra votes :)

Usually I ignore them, but sometimes I reply to their comments (or their direct messages in the chat!!!) posting the link of one of my past posts about the "Do it and don't do it" tips for newbies. After the first 10 comments/messages in the day, I would say them just a "stop! You're spamming me!"

I don't like people asking to be followed back simply because they chose to follow me!!

lol yeah I did this at first...and then I realized that nobody wants zombie want people to actually engage in your content...there's no substitute for good content...

Glad you adjusted your approach :)

But... how else would I get you to follow me!


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You sir @mynameisbrian are completely correct! Couldn't have said it better. Quality over quantity. I work my ass off to put together quality content and let my follower base grow organically, not begging for it. I think if you're active, and post quality content, you can get around 100 followers/week - or so I experienced in the 2 weeks I've been here. Keep it up man!

Very Funny

Yeah, I agree with the representation in this post. Those type of people are so annoying. WHY would a blogger want a artificial audience, I want someone who finds my content interesting! Not just a mindless drone of a follower.

Of course...don't !!! If you ask, I can't, I don't follow and not beause I don't like you,because you take my freedom.

so true, i started out that way but soon discovered you end up with followers not even interested in what you post but if someone follows you on their own it means the like your blog .

I did the same thing when I started. Like you, I found that many followers may not be interested in what I post and don't engage. My strategy has changed to just basically post and follow those that I'm most interested in.

Or they like how you engage in the comments.

"I upvoted and followed you! Pls do the same!!!"

Reading between the lines, I see "I did you a favour. Now you owe me one back."

Damn that movie is terrifying.

You had better follow someone else asap then

what movie is that, it looks like the priest guy from game of thrones

It Follows. One of the best horror movies in recent years.

Ahhhhh yeah i saw this !!! there is apparently a sequel coming out sometime soon

i know there supposed to be like 17 new horror movies coming out in 2017.... cant freaking wait

I kind of hope it doesn't get a sequel. Some thing are better left alone.

Send them this song:

Exactly, The 'F' in green balloon remind me another 'F' word.

Where can I get GIFs that are free to share on Steemit?

Did you try the internet?

hahaha, c'mon bro, haha I meant in a legit way, I don't know if it is illegal to put other peoples content here because we get money for it

Oh. Well I'd go to giphy then

Follow me follow me follow me follow me follow me hahahaha folloooow meeeeeeee.


you look.....surprised !?

Yeah. I laugh but i do realise, i do like this to my new followers and the truth is revealed now

You are absolutely right
Newbies now just want followers and to earn money thats it.
They don't see the opportunity which steemit giving us !!!
Engage with people ! Your content writing skills !!

Thank You for sharing

I see more sh!try new accounts now than ever before. They put no effort into content, the spam everyone to gain followers, and then complain that they aren't rich yet.

Yes ! Many of they ask that how to earn money faster and I was like ! Dude wait a sec
Firstly don't think that you're here for money !
Only dedicated people can achieve something


Seeing that a lot lately. And as @sethlinson said I lot of people making you aware that they upvoted you. #sigh

Do you use Steemit Chat? The worst thing is when people direct message you wanting an upvote and follow.

Given I'm already in the doghouse for flagging someone I'm not sure I dare give you my opinion of the steem chat/discord service. :-(

But I upvoted you. Won't you do the same? If only there was a button next to each post letting you know who upvoted.

You can find out here

Thats one I hadn't seen. Thanks.

Haha well said. Steemit is a self-sufficient community, where you should get rewarded for your effort and hard work. If you just think that getting followers will complete your life then you are totally wrong.
I am not inclined to getting followers right now. Rather, I am focussing on reading good contents which I love :)

And what do you get from someone following you like that? I have about 570 followers, I never asked them to follow me, but invariably I always looked at my followers list and followed them back but I gave up on that just too many people, but I think most of them are either inactive or have quit altogether, or maybe they just wanted one more on their list, and I tell you this because with 570 followers all I get at the most is 10 votes. So I think I could have 50 followers and I would see no difference.

Yeah, I wouldn't say anything like that about YouTuber's cause that was always pretty much there format but begging for likes, follows and comments online is just ghah! But don't quote me on that because chances are I will be doing this later when being ignored online again, lol :) youre saying I should aggresively stalk people down for a follow?

what about sending them an annoying message they wont want to read....will that work?

No. Stalking is the way to success

well, im gunna take your advice some stalking....for...for science...

Lol this is the best. You don't realize how silly that sounds until you look at an animation of it. That's what they're doing, but with words. Thanks for sharing!

Please please please please follow me?
I will follow you back! Pinky Promise.

How does one go about getting a Personal Protection Order on Steemit?

Haha, its 100% like this. If you write good content you will get followers automatically :)

Funny!! Can't force it!!

I constantly fee like that guy running away and I don't even get that many of these comments!

Wow! Oh, so true! Upvoted and resteemed!!

Follow back???


This whole flagging of a thing makes steemit more of a centralized facebook, blockchain is freedom

I don't post anything because I haven't come to terms with myself to write something worth reading yet. This will change in the coming future though, I just want to make worth the time of my readers. I do give really supportive comments though for people I follow and whoever follows me I'd just follow anyway because I'm always dropping comments. Cheers!

It should be follow you =D

Funny when people write a very long comment related to your post and you think "oh they really are interested" and then suddenly they're last word is
giphy (7).gif

I agree. If people are just being stupid about it then it does get out of hand. I do however believe that you can guide people to viewing your content, so that they can make the decision for themselves whether they'd like to follow you or not!

Saying something at the end of your message along the lines like, "You can check out @ENAZWAHSDARB for the best Entrepreneurial content! If you appreciate what you see, you can leave a follow! :)" haha

haha Have my UPVOTE!

A whole story is portrayed using the above image, perfect!

Yeah that's annoying but sometimes people just want to be noticed. And don't know how to do it else (for example posting good things doesn't work sometimes).

I am new so just want to know, is it also wrong then to have a little gif at the bottom of your post saying follow me or is it just this follow me and I will follow you kind of thing?

I'm new to this and yes i find it weird that some peoples will comment a post just to say, i followed you, follow me.. Eh ? I'll follow you if i like your content, thank you.

Hahaha! Soooo true! Just relax, don't do it................ it will happen in time.

LOL so true, even though I newbie I knew not to do that but have seen so many others think it is the right way and turns me away from there to be honest

Hah, I feel like as soon as I am asked to follow someone I instantly won't...its not even conscious. Followers are to be earned not forced. Cheers

Follow me and I'll show you all how to finally put a stop to this nonsense....

That's hilarious!

You are my hero! XD

never... This is the behavior of a begger..... If you are a good steemian lot people they will notice it and so they will follow .... if you are also a giver that is better...

Don't follow me! I'm lost too. :)

I made a post on the participating guide, maybe this will help

Yeah I'm seeing a ton of this but what I'm seeing even more is people that don't upvote the main blogger but only upvote their's pretty funny.

This makes me so sad lol

Jajajajajajaja man your humor is so dark

Haha 😂

brrilliantly funny. ikr!

lol I laughed out loud for this one.

Hah, upvoted. Just posted something similar as well, however, your picture captures a thousand words :)

yes i too understand this now its all about your Content its a myth too run behind followers

LOL! So freakin true!!! :P

Haha! So true!!

Hahaha... too funny, too real...

Nice. Followed and upvoted.

This is beautiful!!!

LOL....The aggressive requests. I 've experienced those. One guy wanted me to go as far as Re-Steeming...But the content was mediocre...something like "Why I love Steem"....If I see one more dam..."Why I love STEEM"....smh

y u no follow :(

Thanks for the warning I wont follow you FREAK!

My content just gets buried since very few people actually get to see it :/

seee. Even my comment is unseeable

Totally agree for dis time

You also forgot the "upvote me and I'll upvote you"

Oh I even took out please "resteem and upvote" as I feel it's spammy and annoying so if they want to support me, they would hit the buttons @mynameisbrian

Funny pic tho LOL.

In before someone goes


I'll try to change my ways lol

brian is in the kitchen!