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RE: The Wrong Way To Get New Followers

in #follow-me3 years ago

This whole "follow me since I follow you" thing is getting a little out of hand. Post good content and people will want to see more. It really is that simple.


What exactly happens to someone when they are flagged?

Flagged Just to find out....

Kidding of course lol

The reward and reputation gets reduced based on the amount of STEEM POWER that's assigned to the flag.

seriously, there should be a bot that scans blog with the text "follow me" and automatically flag them

I think that is going a little too far. Think about all of the other non-malicious scenarios in which the word "follow" is followed by the word "me". It would simply be too much. I think that self policing is the way to go and honestly the folks who are pushing for the "follow me because I follow you" will die off as people see through their veils .

I know, I know, I was just making a joke :)

You didn't ask me to follow you so I had no idea it was sarcasm :P


I know you're just kidding, but just saying - I think it's ok to write something like "Please follow me if you like my content" at the end of your article. It doesn't imply that you're into that follow4follow thing.

But agreed - commenting each and every one post with "pls follow me" is too much :)

I am with you 100%

and you'll follow back>?

Yes, but its not too distant from the standard "Please subscriibe and like" on YouTube for example

There's a big difference between someone putting out a post and saying to follow them if you like their content and the ones who just spam things like, "please follow me, I followed you" in comment sections. Its even more transparent when you look and see that they didn't even upvote the original post. It seems the general community consensus is that the first is fine while the latter is frowned upon.

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