Waheela: North American Folklore

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The Waheela is a mysterious cryptid that is said to wander the Northwest Territories of Canada and Alaska. There have also been reports of this creature in parts of Michigan and Montana.

For those unfamiliar with the legend, the Waheela is described as a very large creature, that has features of both a wolf and a bear. Being an subarctic creature, the fur covering this large beast is snow white. Those who claim to have seen a Waheela, report that the creature is much larger than a typical wolf, with a more broad face, giving its face the look of a bear. The large paws of the Waheela carry it stealthily across the tundra, but are equipped with long, dangerous, bear-like claws.

Unlike typical wolves, Waheela are never seen in packs, so it is believed they are solitary creatures. Certain Native legends describe the Waheela as a creature of supernatural strengths. Many are sure the Waheela are responsible for the mysterious deaths that have occured in Nahanni Valley. Some refer to Nahanni Valley as “Headless Valley,” for all the mysteriously decapitated dead bodies that have been found there over the years.

Some cryptozoologist believe that sightings of the Waheela can be attributed to a relict population of prehistoric bear-dogs, amphicyonids. Others think they may be related to the Inuit mythological creatures known as the Amarok, which is a ruthless, giant wolf creature, who eats lone hunters in the night.


A Wolf bear. Two predictors combine into one glorious beast! Nice. Headless bodies. Does that mean they only eat the heads or are they just killing the people who see them, leaving no witnesses?

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I guess waheela is not common in africa right?

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