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Hey world 👋

Been mostly off-grid for the past week. A lot of good thinking. Coming back with a refined focus and plan.

Have fun out there ✌️Talk soon.


Hey @sambillingham. I wanted to thank you for starting this project. This is exactly what we need so the average person can build a website with their own UI and tailored content feed. I'm a novice developer, but I would love to help contribute to this project.

Hey thanks for the support! Totally welcome to get involved. I'm still working through ideas on the main direction for Finally. @engrave are now doing something Similar and already have many of the features I have planned for Finally. I have slightly different plans for Finally but still needs a little more thought.

Can chat on discord sambillingham#7927

Oh hey! Always keen to hear about some good thinks!

Always! Been figuring out my focus and how best to mix "work" with play.

What projects do I want to work on? Are they the same ones that pay? How do I want to earn? What is my driving force in life and am I heading towards it?

haha... You know the easy questions :)

Will share some of my current answers soon.

Your life must be such a gamble at times.... I basically show up for work and as long as I'm not obviously terrible, I know a paycheck is on the way. I imagine there are times where you're working on something, without any strong idea if it's going to work out financially or not.... and to add passion and future-skills-gathering to the mix... it's a lot to consider before working on stuff... but I'm excited to see what you come up with!

Hi Sam! good to see you :)

Sam sam! you're going to be on my one of the tube videos ;)
Guess what it is? Hehe

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