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Flower Power Photo Contest hosted by @flamingirl is a wonderful opportunity for steemians to express their feelings towards flowers.

Chicory or Cichorium intybus is the bright blue relative of the dandelion. Usually found on the roadsides, this amazing plant is also grown as forage for livestock. But what is good for our beloved pets, surely cannot harm us. So feel free to try a salad made of chicory leaves.
From the chicory's roots (dried and grinded) you will obtain a delicious coffee substitute.

Leaving aside the numerous uses of this flower, we can concentrate on its delicate beauty. There is no wonder this blue flower is the symbol of perseverance and magic since it fancies the roadsides or desolated places. 🙂

This photo was taken with Panasonic DMC-FZ7 camera and Photoshop Express edited.


Check out the challenge started by me and @erikah, SeasonChallenge. We would love to learn about your impressions towards the Spring (these being the theme until 3rd of June).

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nice Pictures


Thank you

Beautiful Flower 😍


Thank you on behalf of Mother Nature. I just captured her work. 🙂

It is beautiful flower and I remember I had that coffee substitute made of its roots. That was long time ago.


Yeah... I remeber those times too. 😔
It's funny how things turn out: what we were using once as a necessity, today is a trend. More and more people adopt a healthy way of life while in the past we had no choice. 🙂