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A great new contest for flower photos!

#Flowerpower by @flamingirl

Popcorn Cassia gets its name from the odor that it's leaves have when they are crushed- some people think it smells like buttered popcorn. I think that is a stretch of the imagination, but it is a memorable name for a flower!

These are grown as annuals in my area because they will not survive our cold Wisconsin winters.

I chose this one to enter today because yellow is my favorite color.


Find your favorite flower photo and come enter!

Here are the rules. FlowerPower rules

Go here to enter

Shadow Photo Contest Round 64- Hat Shadows

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Nice shot. I like the rich, creamy yellow colour. Nice name too.

Thanks! It is a fun flower to introduce to kids!

Gorgeous. Yellow is one of my favorite colors too. It is a representation of an optimistic personality I think.

That would fit for both of us! Or for me maybe it's the fact that I live in a part of the country where we don't see the sun for half the year! It makes me appreciate yellow when I do get to see it.

They kind of look like bursting popcorn too:) Lovely photo, Melinda:)

talented...... 💜 perfect shot .

Glad you like it!

I love the vivid yellow color..most radiant flowers...

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lovely warm yellows in this flower and good luck in the contest

Thanks! I'm a bit uncertain about how this contest works!

I went and took a look it’s a different way of running a contest for sure and with the prize very popular it seems

I think I have it figured out. Daily winners qualify for the final contest and receive a prize. Daily winners get upvotes.

Ok that’s cool
I must admit I seldom enter contests nit sure why that is but more than happy to join challenges

I like to because it helps get the word about them out to some of my followers. I happen to know a lot of people who like to enter contests... Shadows or otherwise!

I think your shadow contest is one of the few I enter, Not sure whyI have a mental block with contests, maybe because on other sites where i used to enter contests there was often drama of how the winner was chosen etc etc and so II just avoid them now

I avoid them because I usually have to read through the rules more than once to be sure I am doing all the requirements! Each one seems to have different rules.

How pretty. It's true that you love yellow flowers

You know me well! 😃

A little😊

We have been daily friends for a long time!

Yes and that makes me very happy😊💕

It's beautiful, I like the bright colors. Are the flowers in the garden?
Thanks for this My Friend

They were growing last summer. Our dirt has been frozen solid until recently and things are only now beginning to grow.

Howdy Melinda! That's a brilliant colored flower there, I can't blame it for not being able to survive the winters up there!

There are many things that do not like our frozen ground!

haha! I hear ya. Hey I thought you left the platform for the night!

Hello Meli, Beautiful flower and very good shot